That weekly meeting

29th January

Yes, we missed a lot due to the worldwide pandemic that has been troubling us for quite some time now, but we also got so much more. Things we never dreamt of. How would have believed that we would get to see the Crown Prince and Crown Princess this natural from their offices? Even though we have already seen what her office looks like, I get more and more excited every time we get a new photo. Like this time, when she held an online meeting with Director Helle Østergaard and Head of Communication Bodil Liv Holm.

The three of them, were "gathered" for a weekly meeting to discuss what is next for the Mary Foundation to work on. A pretty blank calendar is laying in front of her, but that just gives time for something else. During the pandemic, the Crown Princess and the Mary Foundation spend a lot of time focusing on solitude amongst young people. Among other things, she participated in a virtual summit on well-being on November 26th, here and the Children's Day 2020 with UNICEF on November 20th, here.

Because way too many children, women and men live in families troubled with domestic violence, this has become one of the Mary Foundations most important concerns. A main thing of focus for the foundation is to break taboos and that is done by saying it out laud. We need to speak about the things we see as a taboo. A new study on Danes' knowledge of partner violence showed that more information is still needed, even though many have a good understanding of how complex violence against one's partner can be. That is what the Mary Foundation want to focus on next: break with the taboo talking about domestic violence so to help more people.

Seems like Mary has a number of different glasses to chose from. The first pair we saw her wearing, is from FLEYE, here. Beloved by both the Crown Princess and the rest of us. Then just about a week ago, she showed us a brand new pair of glasses, here. Square, brown glasses. I have not been able to identify them yet, but hopefully I will. Soon. Meeting with Helle Østergaard and Bodil Liv Holm, Mary wore yet a another pair of glasses, which we have never seen before. Wearing glasses really suits her. Especially, these new ones from Tom Ford.

We also get a glimpse of what clothes she was wearing. A striped knitted blouse. To me it looks new - at least the first time we see it in "public". I cannot tell more about, because I do not know where it is from. Hope I will be able to give you more informations later. I imagine that she could be wearing black trousers to embrace the style of this outfit.

Tell me, what did you notice first in this photo? - I caught her smile first. That smiles makes the entire outfit even more smashing. She looks happy and comfortable. That smile inspire me.


Glasses ● Tom Ford, here

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