Grace in Verbier

The Crown Prince family is stil enjoying life in Verbier. Little has been published or told about their everyday, but now we have got a little insight in what it is like to be a royal dog in Switzerland. The royal court and Crown Princess Mary shared five new photos on Instagram with caption: "A greeting from Switzerland where Grace enjoys life in the mountains and snow". Looks like everyone are having fun - including the Crown Princess and her youngest son, Prince Vincent.


  1. Beautiful photos. CP Mary looks great. But Prince Vincent, what a handsome young lad he is becoming.

    1. Indeed he is. I think I am not the only one loving these new photos. What amazing it is to have a Crown Prince Couple that allow us to get a glimpse of their life from "behind closed doors" :) .. and in this case, letting Grace tell the story about her life in Verbier along with the family.