Inauguration of a New School in Aabybro

Thursday, September 15th

Crown Princess Mary attended the inauguration of a new school in Aabybro, near Aalborg. 1 2 3 4 5

It's not every day a new school is about to be inaugurated (and then we have had two the last month!), so of course it has to be celebrated in a special way which was done by inviting none other than the Crown Princess of Denmark. Truly a day of celebration. Arriving to Aabybro school, Mary was welcomed by among others the city mayor, school director and the flower girl was a flower boy -the student council president. On her way to visit the different departments at the new school she said hi to some of all the attendees children, who seemed very happy to meet the Crown Princess. She officially opened the new school with a fine speech and by revealing a painting, made on occasion of the inauguration. Her speech was followed by meeting some of the children who, from now on, are spending their everyday at Aabybro school. The greatest congratulations from me to Aabybro with their new school!

Seems like Mary got some kind of "dress-code" when attending inaugurations of new schools because what she was wearing at the inauguration in Aabybro was very -very- similar to what the Crown Princess wore on September 3rd while attending the inauguration of Frederiksberg school, here. You see the similarity? Always been a fan of these full midi skirts and she always wear them so beautifully! This time she wore one featuring the most wonderful birds print from Andiata (AW2015). I know about the skirt from sweet and helpful reader who also told me that it is also available as a dress, here.  But the skirt isn't the only new thing because the white blouse featuring those lovely ruffle sleeves is also new. I haven't been able to find out where it's from but this kind of blouse is pretty trendy right now. So to you who would like a similar blouse, you have the opportunity no matter how much money you want to spend on it. Makes a great outfit! Especially matched with the Gianvito Rossi pumps. Love how shoes and the print on her skirt colour matches. Elegance; is the word crossing my mind when looking at her outfit, also how she styled it with bracelets from Cartier and Dulong Fine Jewelry, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen rings and a pair of Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings. Looking splendid, Mary had chosen a rather simple hairstyle. A ponytail. But really, Mary rock any kind of hairstyle no matter how simple it is. 

Skirt: Andiata Printed Midi Skirt
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Delphis
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Bracelet
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Band Ring
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Pink Patents Leather Pumps

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