Exercise on the Ocean

Thursday, August 18th

Crown Princess Mary took part in the sailing regatta Baltic Sea Challenge in the Baltic Sea.


Hello everybody. Finally I am back in Denmark again after having spend two weeks of vacation in  Italy along with my family. It was two wonderful weeks - with sun, lots of ice creams and best of all 37 degrees. A fantastic holiday, where I have got the opportunity to improve myself on getting ready to go back study again. The last two days I have met all my new classmates and been introduced to a million new things. As I told you I'll bee studying Designculture and Economi,c where I will be learning means of communication, market strategies, what design means etc. So I will not be designing my own clothes (yet) but learn to use design in all sorts of contexts. Very interesting. It is a full time study which means that the blog will from now on be my second priority. I have a lot of missing posts from the last few weeks and many mails that are still unanswered. Being back studying of course means that I will be blogging when time is on my side. Of all my heart hope you'll be patient and continue following Crown Princess Mary with me.

I missed a lot of amazing events, The first event I could find that the Crown Princess attended was the sailing regatta Baltic Sea Challenge - aiming to improve the state of the Baltic Sea locally and internationally. The Baltic Sea Challenge was founded back in 2007. On the deck of a 12 metre yacht along with a five member crew, the Crown Princess seemed to enjoy a day surrounded by water. In fact I believe she really enjoy spending time at sea. Well, I haven't been able to find that much information about her exercise on the ocean, but what I see she was having a great time speaking to the crew members. With a little help from Royalwatcher I am now aware that she was accompanied by Baroness Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg, who is a good friend of hers, here.

Like the other members she was perfectly dressed in a bright red dry suit covering her entire body; from shoulder to ankles. With sneakers, a simply ponytail, black shapes and a red cap matching the rest of her suit, it was a great windy day for a boat trip on the water in the Baltic Sea. 


  1. I'm glad you had a nice holiday. With this, good luck with your studies programs. I continue to follow even if you post occasionally, if you post, i will be very happy en grateful.

    1. Thank you so much! Means the world to me knowing that despite future delayed posts, you will still be following the Crown Princess' whereabouts with me. Again, thanks.

  2. Henriette

    With regards the Baltic Sea Challenge, I read some where that the crown princess was accompanied by Johan Wedell-Wedellsborg and his wife.... I don't recall where I read this and therefore cannot provide a link.



    1. Well, thanks for the info which is new to me. I do not know where you have read that (or not) but I haven't been able to find it anywhere....

    2. Henriette:

      I found it! It was in BilledBladet dated Friday, August 26. 2016. The article is entitled "Crown Princess receives praise for (Sic) efforts in racing." The article did mention the Wedell-Wedellsborgs--only it did not mention John only Nina as having been part of the crew. I hope this helps!


    3. Funny. I read the article several times without ever discovering the part where it says that Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg was on board! Great I have attentive readers ;) The post is now updated with this "new" information. Thanks!

    4. Henriette:

      No worries!

      Take care.


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