Inauguration of Emergency Department in Randers

Tuesday, October 25th

Crown Princess Mary was present at the inauguration of a new emergency department at the regional hospital in Randers. 1

After four years of construction it was time to inaugurate the new emergency department at the Regional Hospital in Randers. And of course such as special event takes a speciel invited guest. That is why the Crown Princess was guest of honor when the new department was officially inaugurated on Tuesday. When she arrived to Randers she was welcomed by lots of kids waving the Danish flag and many of the girls were wearing golden crowns because of the royal visitor. As always was Mary in a splendid mood! Her smile and aroused eyes even made me smile. During her visit she was given a guided tour to see for herself some of the new facilities and met both staff such as patients. I really think it was an honor for Mary to attend the inauguration. A big and laud congratulations from me to Randers with their new emergency department!

No doubt that fall has arrived to Denmark. It is freezing cold at night and during the day we have rather low temperatures. But clearly that is not something Mary has noticed with what she wore visiting Randers on Tuesday. For her, I hope she was wearing sheer thigts or this would have been a really cold experience. Nevertheless, she was beautifully dressed in one of her black Hugo Boss dresses seen at serveral previous events and that gorgeuos dusty blue tweed coat makes a great outfit! Think we have seen this combo before, but I do not know for a fact. Just a qiuck thought. The amazing thing about the blueish knee length coat, is the possibility to wear something burgundy, bordeaux or marron like the incredible Prada pumps. Even better she accessorized the outfit with a suede Hugo Boss clutch seen once or twice before. It was ID by Heaven. I always thought her clutch was burgundy, but now I see that it's purple! She perfectly matched the coat with a Susanne Juul creation. Elegant and almost luxuriously she was styled wearing a black pearl bracelet and a ring from Dulong Fine Jewelry and diamond earrings. You noticce when you see a closeup is that she is in fact wearing a shiny petrol blue nail polish! Something I'm very sure we haven never seen before. So what do you say? Do yo like what you see. I think she looks dazzling. 

Hat: Susanne Juul
Dress: Hugo Boss Black Denna Stretch Wool Blend Dress
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Bracelet, Big
Clutch: Hugo Boss Purple Clutch
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Shoes: Prada

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