13 years of Marriage!

Today, on October 8th, 13 years ago Frederik and Mary declared their love to each other by engagement. It was that memorable day when a woman by the name Mary Elizabeth Donaldson met the press officially for the first time next to her husband-to-be, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. Unfortunately I can't remember that day, but what I do remember is all those wonderful photos I've looked at for now thirteen years. I absolutely love when I'm able to share old photos with you. Don't know if you love them as much as I do, but today you're not to decide - I am. Though it is a day we like to celebrate each year, it's still a day I really look forward to. Sure the couple does too. This year Frederik and Mary can celebrate their thirteens engagement day with a exhibition in Holstebro and The Crown Prince Couple's Prizes 2016 which is live broadcasted on DR1 tonight at 9 pm. local time, here. What a way to celebrate their special day. Hope you are ready for tonight and till then enjoy the four galleries I have specially made for you!


  1. I remember this like yesterday - They are the perfect couple and they will always be my favourites :-D

    1. They are indeed a lovely couple. It really feels like they got engaged yesterday. Look forward to the next 13 years in their company :)