Netwerk Event with the Mary Foundation

Wednesday, October 5th

Crown Princess Mary was present at the Mary Foundation's Netwerk event at Vocational School in Roskilde.

It has been some quite busy days for Mary since she and Frederik arrived home from their trip to Washington and Boston last week. Wednesday was no exception. Here Mary visited a Vocational School in Roskilde on occasion of a Netwerk event, a project developed by the Mary Foundation aiming to reduce and prevent the feeling of loneliness among young people. Usually she is welcomed with the most incredible bouquet of flowers at the arrival but at this visit it was slightly different because a florist student was given the task to create a bouquet from what the Crown Princess was wearing that day which was the later given to Mary when her visit was over. And she did a really great job. The bouquet is simply gorgeous! During her visit in Roskilde she had the opportunity to met some of students very interested to know more about their experiences as a student on a training where they did not knew someone in advance. She also participated in a little game called 'enegizer' which will give the students new knowledge about each other in a very short time. Mary answer that she likes coffee better than tea, dogs better than cats and comedy rather than horror film. Recently I started at the university and it is indeed important to get a good first impression especially when you do not know anyone in advance. But it seemed like the students were getting quite good along with each other and the Crown Princess. 

As I mentioned before her bouquet of flowers was created with inspiration from what Mary was wearing on Wednesday. conveniently she was dressed in floral printed ruffle Baum und Pferdgarten blouse which must have been a great inspiration for the florist student when choosing flowers. It was from Heaven I learned about this new blouse and the new navy blue blazer which is from Alexander McQueen. Very business-like. Her upper body was the first I saw photos of and was so sure she was wearing a pair of regular black trousers, but she wasn't or not exactly. Instead she wore a pair of tight black trousers. Makes a good combination with the rest. Something I completely adore about this outfit, is the fact that she's wearing burgundy nail polish! I'm crazy in love with this colour and it looks magnificent. A perfect match to the navy blue blazer and floral blouse, don't you think? So of course she had to wear her burgundy mid pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Really lovely. The Hartmann's earrings and Cartier bracelet makes the outfit a bit more exclusive such as the green stone in the ring on her right hand. Not new, nor identified. Think this look is a great inspiration for my next work wear outfit!

Blazer: Alexander McQueen Leaf-Crepe Tailored Jacket
Blouse: Baum und Pferdgarten Melina
Earrings: Hartmann's
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Business Point-Toe Leather Pumps


  1. Mary never disappoint when it comes to fashion ( except the jumpsuit she wore years ago ). She is always so stylish, and some of the royal ladies have so much to learn from her :-)

    1. You are very right. The Crown Princess has a elegant and classy style that never disappoint.

      ...About the jumpsuit she wore a couple of years ago, then I have to disagree with you. I absolutely love it :D