"Kvinde på Kærre" in Holstebro

Saturday, October 8th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited Holstebro City Hall to see the sculpture Kvinde på Kærre (loosely translated to 'Woman on a Chart').

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October 8th is indeed a special day for the Crown Prince couple because, as you all know, thirteen years ago the couple got engaged! But it was also a special day for the people living in Holstebro because that was the day when this lovely couple was about to visit the city. It was on occasion of the city's sculpture Woman on a Chart and the fact that the Crown Prince Couple's Prizes 2016 show would take place in Holstebro later in the evening, that Frederik and Mary visited the city. Though it was cold and windy the royal couple managed to make everybody smile and laugh with their warm smiles and happy faces. No doubt the couple had a great time in each others company. I am sure some of the attendances got the chance to congratulate the couple on behalf of their engagement day.

Not to say that winter has arrived to Denmark but wauw it's really cold outside which you might sense when you take a look at what she was wearing at the visit in Holstebro. A nice navy blue wool coat; one we saw for the first time when Mary attended the presentation of the annual christmas seal along with Queen Margrethe in 2015, here. It's still not identified but Kate is the reason why I remembered it from a previous event. She had styled it with a rather large burgundy leather belt embracing her waistline beautifully. A really clever trick to try on your own, make a great look to belt up your coat, jacket or blazer. She embraced the warm and cozy style by wearing one of her black jersey turtlenecks and a pair of regular black trousers. As I have told you before then I'm a huge fan of turtleneck blouses; they are incredible, are amazing to wear and must important keeps you warm when the weather is cold and windy (as in Denmark right now). Perfectly matching the coat Mary wore a pair of navy blue suede ankle boots. Pretty sure they are not new, here, but unfortunately not identified. In the post I just referring to the shoes was mentioned as By Larin. It was recently a friend of mine who made me aware that these two models are not the same -different seams. That's why they are still unidentified. Looking absolutely smashing she accessorized the lovely fall outfit with blue leather gloves and diamond studs from Hartmann's which is actually the only ID I have for you. 

Earrings: Hartmann's

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