Copenhagen Cultural Children's Summit

Monday, October 3rd

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of Copenhagen Cultural Children's Summit. A conference on children, arts and culture. The one day conference took place at Skuespilhuset, Copenhagen. 

Only a few days after the couple's four days visit to the United States, Mary is ready for a week with one event after another. This is just one of many events this following week. It was in the most splendid mood she arrived to Skuespilhuset in Copenhagen, attending the official opening of Copenhagen Cultural Children's Summit which is an international, one day conference on how art and culture especially affects disadvantaged children's development and future in a positive way. It took place for the very first time, so of course Mary was invited as guest of honor. She was welcomed by lots of children, waving with Denmark's red and white national flag, who all wanted a glimpse of the royal guest. She took all the time she needed to meet her "fans". Seems like the children weren't the only one looking forward to attend the conference which by the way was organized by Barnedrømmen and Children and the Arts UK. The children orchestra also welcomed the Crown Princess with a with a piece of music. As at any other opening with Mary as guest of honor, she officially opened the conference with a speech, here

She was so beautifully dressed, wearing the most amazing new printed silk blouse! First thing I noticed when I found photos from the opening of the Copenhagen Cultural Children's Summit. Really incredible blouse featuring a short turtleneck and puffed sleeves. I managed to find it at Stine Goya. The first findings in a very long time, but a good one I think. You like her new blouse? I can't get enough of it! Lovely print. Really look forward to see her wear it again, maybe with a pencil skirt or white trousers. Think that would look splendid with this, her new blouse. Talking about trousers then I do not know a thing about this black pair. Probably some she has worn at a previous event. She'd accessorized the outfit with a black Carlend Copenhagen clutch, earrings and a ring from Dulong Fine Jewelry and a bracelet I haven't found -though I'm pretty sure we have seen it quite some times before. Also love the way her hair is styled. Amazing curls. So is her make up; light and fresh if that is even possible to sure those words when talking about make up. Oh... of course, her shoes. Not that I know where they are from, but I've seen a glimpse of them and they look great. Pointed snake pumps. My first idea was Gianvito Rossi because of the shape but by request I can confirm that Gianvito Rossi is not the designer of her pumps -unfortunately. Let the search begin, again. So sure this is going to be a perfect week for Mary (and us!)

Blouse: Stine Goya Lea Aviary Silk Blouse
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Original Croco


  1. There are pictures on newscom but no close up! They are new shoes but it is going to be hard to ID I guess!

    1. Well, now we have a pretty good close up but still no ID. Wonder who will be the one to find them ;) Because they are, for sure, hard to identify.