Day 3. Official State Visit to Saudi Arabia & Qatar

Tuesday, March 1st

Along with a business delegation of 44 Danish companies and 3 politicians, the Crown Prince couple is on an official state visit to Saudi Arabia & Qatar from February 28th to March 3rd.

Program: Saudi Arabia

The Crown Prince Couple
  • 9:45 am. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited King Abdullahs Financial District in Riyadh. 
  • 12:30 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a dinner with Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 
  • 2:00 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of a Mercantec event.
  • 2:35 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, leading hospital when it comes to research in Saudi Arabia.
  • 8:00 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a reception at the Danish Embassy in Saudi Arabia. 
Crown Prince Frederik
  • 11:00 am. Crown Prince Frederik visited the King Abdullah Center for Science and Technology accompanied by Minister of Business- and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen. 
Crown Princess Mary
  • 11:30 am. Crown Princess Mary and Minister of Health and Elderly Sophie Løhde visited Kompan playground- and exercise room.
  • 3:15 pm Crown Princess Mary visited the King Khalid Foundation and Charity Organization headed by Princess Bandari.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary in Riyadh

Around ten am. the royal couple from Denmark were ready to begin a new day in Saudi Arabia with a visit at construction site, dinners and charity organizations. They began the third day together and visited King Abdullahs Financial District in the capital Riyadh -the more wealthy part of Riyadh. Already from the morning they were in a splendid mood; creating a scene with helmets. Construction areas require helmets also when you are royalty. The Crown Princess straightened her hair and carefully place the helmet on her head while the Crown Prince was a little more trouble with his. Smiling, she gave her husband a little help to make sure the helmet was rightfully placed on his head. The construction side is a great example of a collaboration between Saudi Arabia and Danish architecture.
While the Crown Prince visited the King Abdullah Center for Science and Technology along with Minister of Business- and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen, the Crown Princess visited Danish designed Kompan playground- and exercise room with Minister of Health and Elderly Sophie Løhde. The atmosphere was relaxed and she really seemed to enjoy time with the kids on the playground. I noticed how much it made her smile. The local girls showed great curiosity for the Danish Crown Princess and after some time they moved closer to her. Openhearted as always, she gave them every minute of her time. The Crown Princess showed sincere interest in the kids and asked them about the playground. During the visit she also inaugurated a new fitness- and workout area by cutting the traditional red ribbon. Crown Prince Frederik also seemed to enjoy his visit at the King Abdullah Center for Science and Technology.

Despite she wore black trousers again, this outfit reminds me more of what she usually wears. I don't know what you think but I really like to see her a little more relaxed. I also love to see some colour even though they are discreet. I strongly believe we have seen her in this greenish coat before in 2012 when Queen Margrethe celebrated her 40th anniversary as Queen of Denmark, hereI also just realized she wore the coat, without collar, in 2014 during a state visit in Denmark from Turkey, here. A reader made me aware that she was also wearing a long cardigan underneath, though it's not that easy to see. She embraced the style with a pair of bicolor Prada pumps and a burgundy Hugo Boss clutch both seen at previous events. The match surprised me but it works. Once again, we was a golden Georg Jensen bracelet and diamond earrings. Finally, we have the smashing Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses to keep her eyes protected from the  Arabian sun. 

Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana DG4175
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold
Clutch: Hugo Boss Purple Clutch
 Shoes: Prada Purple Bicolor suede Cutout Point-Toe Pump

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary at the reception at the Danish Embassy

After a long day, at 8 pm. the day wasn't quite finished yet. One more event before they were leaving for Qatar. Along with 300 special invited guests, from both Denmark and Saudi Arabia, and the host and Ambassador Ole Frijs-Madsen they royal couple attended a gala dinner at the Danish Embassy in Saudi Arabia. As the purpose of the trip, the gala dinner helped to establish contacts between the two countries. All along the Danish companies participating in this trip, have had plenty of time to create contacts with possible new business partners. The Crown Prince expressed a sincere joy of what he had seen so far. A glamorous reception was great way to end their stay in Saudi Arabia.

I have only seen very little from the dinner and the light wasn't that good, so it will not be the easies thing for me to tell about her outfit. To me it looks like a brand new blouse with long sleeves and no significant details. Despite these few details, several of you have already showed me one and the same blouse from Hugo Boss. Lack of details is not the reason why I haven't been able to identify her new printed maxi skirt. It's really because I can't figure out about that print -what it is or if it's just colours. Reminds me so much of a Hugo Boss pencil skirt of hers, which has a similar print. I am very open to hear your ideas and thoughts. Like her clothes, Mary seems way more relaxed at this dinner -casual as the outfit. I know it's not easy to see, but she was also wearing a black belt around her waist. Makes a good balance between upper- and lower body. I also see stunning earrings worn at a couple other events, but first identified recently as Annikat. The same designer as her incredible diamond wing cuff we love so much. She also wore a Georg Jensen bracelet. Looking all stunning, Mary topped off her look with a small clutch and SAND Copenhagen pumps.

Blouse: Hugo Boss Cilja Black Silk-Blend Blouse
Earrings: Annikat Diamond Earrings
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen


  1. Could the blouse from the evening be by Hugo Boss ?

    1. So, you are not the first to mention this specific blouse which is why I assume you are right about it :) I also had Hugo Boss in mind when I tried to ID it, but I never realized that it could be this blouse. Thanks for sharing!