Celebrating Easter at Marselisborg Palace

Wednesday, March 23rd 

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary celebrated easter along with their four children -Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine - at Marselisborg Palace in Aarhus along with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. 

According to Billed Bladet did Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik arrive to Marselisborg Palace in Aarhus a couple of days before the Crown Prince couple and their four children, to be more precise on Monday 21th. To celebrate easter along with the royal couple, Frederik and Mary arrived there in the afternoon two days later on March 23rd. I knew that the couple and their children somehow had been seen in Aarhus but because I was on vacation on the island of Bornholm to celebrate my easter, I didn't really think about when I came home again. Suddenly a few pictures appeared of the Queen, Frederik, Mary, Christian and Isabella going to church on Maundy Thursday in Aarhus Cathedral; a beautiful medieval church with a 96 meter high tower which makes it the highest church in Denmark. For some years it has been a tradition for the royal family members to meet at Marselisborg few times a year to celebrate some of these small holidays together. Just a couple of weeks ago a documentary was broadcasted on TV in Denmark about Marselisborg Palace told by the Queen herself. This is still available online right here, if you have an interest in watching it. It shows a sincere and heartwarming Queen telling about her beloved palace, a little history about the place and some of her own memories. Because Frederik lived there, in the building next to, all the time he studied at Aarhus University, he knows all about the palace and for sure have some great memories himself. Now he's there, making new memories, with his wonderful wife and four amazing children. Because we didn't see Prince Joachim and Princess Marie at the church services on March 23rd, I guess the couple weren't there. According to several medias we will see the Crown Prince couple again when the Presidential couple from Mexico are on official state visit in Denmark from April 13 to 14th. So keep your fingers crossed because this possibly means a gala dinner with evenings gowns and tiaras. Yeah!

At the church services Mary was dressed in her navy blue coat worn when she along with Queen Margrethe in 2015 participated in the presentation of the annual christmas seal. Nor at that time or now I have an ID on this dazzling coat but I'm sure you all clearly remember it. Because of the few pictures published I have a hard time recognizing what she is wearing. But I see some kind of navy blue shirt featuring what I believe is small white birds. I would so much like to say it in full length but unfortunately there are no photos of that which is why I hope we will see it soon again without the coat covering it. In the same colour she wore trousers and a pair of pumps, such as gloves and her Quidam clutch. The beautiful earrings are from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. By the way, is her hair darker than usual? She matched her navy blue outfit with the stunning red nail polish, the rose golden Georg Jensen bracelet and three diamond rings, two of them from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen as the earrings. The send bracelet in a purple colour I don't believe we have seen before.

Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Lotus Drop Earrings SGD$ 4,150
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen White Gold Love Bands DKK 19.900
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Rose Gold Torun Bracelet DKK 27.300
Clutch: Quidam Grey Calfskin Clutch

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