A Cultural Evening at Christiansborg Castle

Tuesday, March 15th

Queen Margrethe hosted an evening dinner for representatives from Danish art and culture at Christiansborg Castle. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte did also attended the dinner. 

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I knew that the Queen would host a dinner at Christiansborg Castle but I came as a surprise to me that Frederik and Mary also would attend. But it makes great sense, because when the Queen back in 2009 hosted the same event the Crown Prince couple also attended. 340 special guests were invited to last nights gala dinner. Representatives, all of which deals with art and culture in Denmark from designers to actors and singers. Around 6:30 pm. local time, the first guests arrived to Christiansborg Castle. All women dressed in magnificent floor length dresses and classic suits for the men. Met by the press, journalists and photographers, they expressed their excitement to take part in the dinner. As etiquette prescribes, the royal family members arrives in a specific order -first Princess Benedikte, then Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, now Frederik and Mary and as the last one the Queen arrives. No one arrived after the Queen, she is always the last. Unfortunately, a few guests were a little late and had to enter another entrance. Before the guests finds their seats in Banquet hall, with the stunning black and white checkered floor and colourful tapestries, traditionally they get a glass of champagne till the royal family are ready to welcome them all with a handshake which occurred in the Drabant hall. And yes, all 340 guests were given a handshake. Standing in rank, Margrethe, Frederik, Mary, Joachim, Marie and Benedikte kindly welcomed the guests. Because Queen Margrethe is troubled standing for so long, she sat on a fine chair upholstered in red fabric, the same colour as her elegant dress. After the many guests had taken their seats in the magnificent decorated Banquet hall, the six royal family members made their entrance. They found their seats round six different tables. The dinner and entertainment were enjoyed privately behind closed doors. This evening has its history back to 1976, four years after Margrethe became Queen of Denmark. At that time it was called Arts et Lettres (Art and Letters). Since then, the dinner has been hosted by the couple in '85, '98 and then in 2009. If you have an interest who was on the guest list, you have it here and some pictures from preparing the dinner, here. You see film directors, singers, artists, fashion designers and a single football player on the guest list. I'm pretty sure it is a true pleasure to receive an invitation from the Queen to attend a dinner like this. A true honor.

At yesterday's post from when Mary visited Odense, I asked you if you thought we would see a new evening gown or if she would be wearing one of her old goodies. I had the feeling we might get something new to adore and WE DID! One new spectacular evening gown with the most wonderful details to look at. I watched the live broadcast on TV and as always I was so impatient to see what she was wearing. Just the way they entered the room was beautifully. Frederik in his classic black suit and bow tie, next to Mary in her new transparent evening gown. Wauw, what a sight! The style of the dress is very modern because of the slim silhouette, makes the best out of her figure. It features a sheer top, cap-sleeves, the sense of a wide around neckline and a low back which really gives us something to look at. I'm not sure I see any train on the dress or maybe a little one. I like the way the designer chose to add this black "lace" on top of a beige figure hugging dress. The speaker suggested that Danish fashion designer Mark Tan was the creator of her dress but I have to say that I do not know that much about his style or designs to tell if it was correct. While watching the arrival and welcoming ceremony, I shared my thoughts with one of the most dedicated readers I have. Suddenly she said to me: "I have the dress". What?! Already. And there it was, Mary's new stunning dress found by Kate at Temperley London (Spring 2014). I still wonder how she managed to find it so quickly but she did and for that I'm very grateful. By the way, then Mary added a black belt with flowers to her outfits. Now when we know where her dress is from, I think it's about time to talk about the rest of her evening outfit. Because I feel drawn to the hairdo, this voluminous beautiful twisted updo is simply incredible. Makes a great balance between the slim dress and few accessories. I so much hope I will be able to find a better photo of her hair, also to see the tiara which has already had much publicity. At first I didn't notice it but then I saw that something was different from her wedding tiara. Sure the reason is because it's not her wedding tiara but the necklace she wore during a gala show when Queen Margrethe turned 75 years old. Like everybody else I would like to find out where this tiara comes from. So far I haven't read any information's about where it comes from, who made it (if it's new, which I do not believe it is), if it was a gift etc. All these questions I would like to answer but right know I can't. With the little knowledge I have about old royal tiaras and jewelleries, it looks old to me. Also the fact because that it's usable as both a necklace and a tiara. It was much used back in days to have jewelleries that could be used as different pieces, not just as a tiara or necklace but both. I'll do what I can to see if I can trace the tiara. Maybe I'm lucky on this one. As the Queen's birthday, she wore the exact same earrings. She added a black clutch and Gianvito Rossi pumps to her evening outfit such as her rose gold Georg Jensen bracelet and three diamond rings, two of them from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. I also want you to notice the stunning red nail polish matching her lips colour. I really think we saw something special at the dinner, a certain glove I can't describe but I'm sure you know what I mean. She wear her royal title with pride and elegance. It looks all natural. Absolutely stunning she is!

No. 1  Crown Princess Mary
No. 2  Actor, Sisse Babett Knudsen
No. 3  Princess Marie
No. 4  Actoresss, Ellen Hillingsøe
No. 5  Wife of film director Bille August, Sarah-Marie Maltha

There were so many beautiful dressed women I would like to talk about as well but instead, so this post will also get an end, I'll make it short. I've made a top 5 of my personal favourite dresses from yesterday and I would really like to see yours. I also want to mention how dazzling Princess Marie looked at the dinner in her navy blue lace gown and flower tiara. She deserves to be among my top five but there were so many amazing dresses I could make a top 100. Do you saw some dresses you just loved? Now I think it's enough for today.

Dress: Temperley London Black Textured Long Trellis Gown €2200
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold DKK 27.300
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Patent Leather Mid Heel Pumps DKK 2.345


  1. I thought the crown princess looked lovely. But there was something that was bothering me about the dress and I could not put my finger on it. However, after looking at the model photo I realize that the underskirt on the model is fuller. I also think to achieve that fullness one needed to wear a couple layers of tulle under the dress to achieve same. The crown princess did not, obviously, and it make a difference. Aside from that, which I might be the only person who saw that, I think she looked stunning; loved her hair and makeup.

    I think Princess Marie looked great-- have loved her in that dress from the very first time she worn it at the Queens birthday gala. Sidse Babett Knudsen, my favorite Danish actress, also looked stunning.

    Lastly, I miss seeing the Queen escorted by her husband. In my humble opinion, it is just not the same without him especially at events like these. Nevertheless this event was a treat was for this royal watchers!

    Thank you, Henriette.



    1. You are differently not the only to notice the difference between the "two dresses" -the beige/nude underdress and the black lace part. I also saw this and thought at first it was a mistake but the more I look at it, the more I actually like the full vs. slim skirt. I think this is a way to make the dress look more modern than it would have done without this, I tend to say, effect. The slimness and transparent lace part are two classic signs of the modern fashion, whether you like it or not ;) I think it gives her a beautiful silhouette because of her slim figure. A fashionable way for her to wear couture.

      Marie's navy blue evening gown is indeed stunning. I really like it too and I'm thrilled to see her wear it again. For the first time I noticed the wonderful transparent lace back. Really lovely.

      To see the Queen without her husband is a little sad and something we need to get use to because for the last 40 years they have stuck together at every single event. I hope he will, one day, be next to her to attend one of these exclusive gala dinners. We just have to wait and see, when we will see him again :)

  2. Sorry, that should read, "and it made a difference."