With the Mary Foundation in Odense

March, Tuesday 15th

Along with the Mary Foundation, Crown Princess Mary visited the Mother's Help (Mødrehjælpen) and Odense Shelter (Odense Krisecenter) in Odense. 


I'm sure Mary is busy planning the Women Deliver 2016 Conference as Denmark this year hosts from May 16-19. As patron of the conference, Mary only have about one and a half month left to get everything under control to the world's largest conference on health, rights and well-being of girls and women. It takes countless hours to plan a huge event like this, which may be the reason why we haven't seen her that much since their visit to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. When I look in her calendar I see some great events in the near future. One of them is actually tonight. Yes, you heard me. The Queen hosts a evening party for art and culture at Christiansborg Castle at 7:30 pm. local time. I completely missed that Frederik and Mary will also attend today's gathering, such as Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte. This is indeed something to look forward to. A little tip; you can follow the guests arriving here at 6:50 pm. local time. I'll be watching! Do you think she will be wearing something new or one of her old evening gowns?

Today she was at island of Funen to visit the Mother's Help (Mødrehjælpen) and Odense Shelter (Odense Krisecenter) because of one of the Mary Foundations projects, Advice for Life (Råd til Livet), which aims to help battered women with economic, legal and social counseling from volunteer counselors. The two placed she visited both uses Advice for Life as a tool helping these women to get back on track. When she arrived to the Mother's Help counseling in Odense she was kindly welcomed by a little flower boy handing over a beautiful bouquet of flowers to her. At the same time she was greeted by Counseling CEO Charlotte Wæver and Director of the Mother's Help Mads Roke Clausen. All of them seemed delighted to meet Mary such as she was happy to meet them. With a cop a coffee, Mary had some time to hear for her self how one of the Mary Foundation's projects are working in reality. Her interest showed off with the question she asked sitting around the table with representatives from the Mother's Help. After she visited with the same excitement Odense Shelter where she met some of the women Advice for Life is created to help who all were very happy to meet the Crown Princess. They told her some of their stories and how Advice for Life has helped them to get back on track after living with a violent boyfriend or husband. To a journalist Mary expressed how brave she think the women are, because it's differently not easy to talk about something like having been exposed to violence. More than once Mary has told how important she think the dialog is fighting again for instance domestic violence. How important it is that we are open to talk about taboos because only then we are able to change it. She also mentioned the children of these women who is also a part of the process. They are right dealing with some issues no children should have to deal with. So one step at a time they will recover from what they have experienced, women and children.

At first I thought "yeah a brand new dress!". After a closer look I had to correct that to "yeah a brand new blouse!" because that's what it is, a new blouse in the most incredible dusty colour featuring a rather wide belt. Because the weather in Denmark right now are all just foggy and windy (and cold not to forget!), it's really not time for fine summer dresses and floral skirt -yet. I still prefer cozy coats and warm boots that's for sure. With her new blouse, which has this magnificent shape, and black trousers she created a great balance between weather and clothes. I had the feeling that her new blouse could be from the Danish designer Baum und Pferdgarten but now it has been identified as BOSS Hugo Boss by Kate! A very different designer than I thought. As the trousers she wore a black turtleneck to keep warm in the wind. Kate suggested that the trousers could be from Hugo Boss, honestly I can't tell but now you know what thoughts others have. Why she wasn't wearing some kind of coat or jacket is not clear to me but wasn't spending any time outside only the few minutes when she walked from the car and shortly after found a nice warm spot around the table talking with representatives from the Mother's Help. Well, it's not the first time it surprises me she's not wearing any outwear. Unfortunately not that many pictures have been published which makes it's difficult for me to identify which pair of shoes she is wearing. My first guess was her SAND Copenhagen pumps or maybe the bicolor Prada pumps because they would be a great match to her red nail polish. By the way when we are talking about nail polish, then I makes me thrilled to see her wear the colour again. I kinda missed it, maybe because she wore it so much a couple of months back and of course because the red colour is my personal favourite when it comes to choosing the next colour to wear. Back to the shoes. A reader shared her thoughts with me and some photos which shows a pair of pointed black pumps featuring a really (!) high heel. Her guess, which looks really similar to the one she is actually wearing, is Gianvito Rossi worn at a previous event. Mary chose to wear only a few simple jewellery. I noticed a pair of new earrings featuring a large black pearl, probably a black Tahitian pearl. Because of the two round golden circle above the pearl I assume it's a design by Dulong Fine Jewelry. They have this round circle as a characteristic in their designs. Seen multiple times before. Just to make sure; I have no confirmation that Dulong Fine Jewelry is in fact the creator, it's just something I assume because of the design. It's a classic Marianne Dulong design, also when it comes to materials. If you take a look at the video at Billed Bladet's website, you see some really really good close ups of the earrings and maybe you see the same as I do. About the bracelet, then I'm pretty sure Mary wore her Georg Jensen bracelet seen a lot at the stay in Saudi Arabia, also in Qatar, but after a closer look I'm not sure if it's in rose gold or maybe silver. What do you see? On her right hand she also wore three rings, two of them are diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. I hope to find more pictures to be sure about the shoes such as bracelet. Maybe more photos will make it easier to find her new blouse as well. So, tell me what do you think about this outfit? 

Blouse: BOSS Hugo Boss Itoni Belted Top
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold DKK 27,300
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands

Possible ID's
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Trousers: BOSS Hugo Boss Atonia by BOSS
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Black 100 Suede Pumps €510

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