The Launch of Loving Measure

Tuesdays, August 25th

With the Mary Foundation did Crown Princess Mary attend the launch of the project Loving Measure (Kærlig Talt) at the Guldberg School in Copenhagen. 

For quite a while we haven't seen Mary that much mainly because of the royal holiday. Now she is back again! Of course this means twice as much work for me but I doesn't matter. Nothing is better than diving into the royal world of overwhelming dresses and glimpsing tiara's. I know there is non of that in this post but I'm sure you know the feeling. When Mary arrived to Guldberg School in Copenhagen to participate in the launching, she was met by class of eight grade pupils with waving flags. The reason for her visit was a project called the 'Loving Measure' (Kærlig talt) which gives the young people some tools to prevent violent relationships. Loving Measure will be tested in several different classes before other school will be able to buy it in 2016. The idea started back in 2010 which proves that such projects takes time to make. I'm sure it has been created specially by people who work and understand these issues. Domestic violence is one of the Mary Foundations focus areas. If you would like to know more about this project, you find it here. Domestic violence is a hard subject to talk about and for Mary to be open and actually talk about, do something about it and try to help is remarkable. Of all my heart I hope Loving Measure will be able to help a lot of young people to prevent ending up in a violent relationship. After she prevented her speech, which was really incredible, she gave the time to chat with some of the young people to hear their personal story. Mary expressed how important she think it is to learn the young once to talk about their feelings and give them a way out if they need it. Even though hard feeling is hard to talk about, we need to. This is also a part of the tools from the project: to be able to express your feeling and thoughts.

I dag satte Kronprinsessen fokus på kærestevold, da Kærlig Talt - Mary Fonden og Center for Familieudviklings fælles...
Posted by Mary Fonden on 25. august 2015

Casual in black and white Mary attended the launching. No confusing prints and colours, only plain claim colours with a little fun on the shoes. We will come back to shoes and other accessories later. Yesterday I had no time to look for her clothes because I was in the middle of doing the post from August 24th when she attended the opening of the new psychiatric hospital in Slagelse. Luckily I have amazing followers who are there to give me a helping hand. I was so sure about her black shirt the designer had to be from Hugo Boss but an awareness reader saw something I hadn't seen: the little white stitched heart '<3' in the back, near the neckline. The mark is used by Danish brand Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt. I haven not been able, so far, to find the identical model but this is enough proof to me. The link below is just to show you how the heart looks and that its there. The sleeves were rolled up which is really a great detail! So we have a new skirt; a creamy white one with high waist. Now it has been identified as Day Birger et Mikkelsen! It was found by stylish royal women on Danish Royal Family! - thanks!! With her new cream white A-line skirt and high ponytail hairstyle she reminds me of a classic 50s outfit - the stereotype teenage outfit, not that she looks like a teenager. Mary bring this outfit to a whole new level. The business style for everyday use.

No outfit without accessories! Mary chose simple and colourful jewellery to give yesterday's look a little more fun. We all know her seed beads Anni Lu bracelets, I've been able to identify two of the three as Mess Army and Fun Army. The third one is her multicoloured sapphire Charlotte Wæhrens bracelet. I am considering to give myself one of them as a birthday present?Than there was a new one or at least I think it's new. A golden bracelet features a circle pendant with an engraved 'M'. Could be a Jane Kønig tag. The two necklaces we also know all about; one from Orit Elhanati and Marianne Dulong. I'm convinced she's wearing brand new earrings from the Danish jewellery brand Jewlscph and now I know she in fact is! Apparently several people have sought where they could purchase the earrings, so they asked the designer herself maybe because the link I had shared not worked. I very sorry about that, on my computer it seemed to work. Then I got a sweet mail from Jewlscph where they explain which model she actually wore. Thank you very much! I hope the new link work. Please let me know if that's not the case. Take a look at them and tell me what you think. Bottega Veneta is the designer of her expensive bag, like the Anni Lu bracelets we know everything about it. Mary has worn it multiple times for almost any kind of occasion such as the stunning and edgy Christian Louboutin snake pumps. It simply does not get any more stylish! She topped off this wonderful daytime look with a beautiful natural make up. 

Skirt: Day Birger et Mikkelsen Rok Kit €199 
Blouse: Heartmade By Julie Fagerholt Erden (example)
Earrings: Jewlscph Faceted Cirkel DKK 1,249
Bracelets: Anni Lu Mess Army Bracelet + Fun Bracelet Army DKK 299
Bracelet: Charlotte Wæhrens Rainbow Bracelet w. Saphires
Pendant: Jane Kønig Mini LoveTag DKK 250?
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace DKK 10,300
Necklace: Marianne Dulong Atlantic Necklace
Bag: Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Hobo Bag DKK 19,689.35
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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  1. skirt maybe from DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN
    (i just research about link of skirt)

    1. Thank you very much for letting me know about your find :)