Meeting with the Dr Maria Furtwängler

Monday, August 10th

Crown Princess Mary participated a meeting, with Dr Maria Furtwängler from Germany, as the patron of the Mary Foundation. Representatives from the organization the Mothers Help and Nykredit, took part in the meeting. Dr Maria Furtwängler is also involved in the project Domestic Violence. The main topic of the meeting was the collaboration between the Mary Foundation, Nykredit, the Mothers Help and LOKK.

At the meeting the Crown Princess was dressed in a new pink dress from Prada. It took my quite a while to identify whether it was a blouse or a dress. At first I was sure she wore a blouse and maybe a pencil skirt. But when I found the dress at Prada, I was in no doubt any longer. The very girly dress features a paisley print. Love the colour next to her dark brown hair. Looks just great. I really like to see her in the dress again, also to decide if I like it or love it. Unfortunately, only one picture has been published at the Mary Foundation's Facebook page. Take a good look and tell me what you think of her new floral printed dress. 

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