Meeting in the Mary Foundation

Monday, August 10th

I dag holdt vi et møde med Dr. Maria Furtwängler fra Tyskland, som selv er involveret i arbejdet mod vold i hjemmet, og...
Posted by Mary Fonden on 10. august 2015

Crown Princess Mary particiapated in a meeting with Dr. Maria Furtwängler from Germany as the patron of the Mary Foundation. Representatives from the organization Mothers Help (Mødrehjælpen) and Nykredit, took part in the meeting. Dr. Maria Furtwängler is also involved in the project Domestic Violence (Vold i Hjemmet). The main topic of the meeting was the collaboration between the Mary Foundation, Nykredit, the Mothers Help and LOKK.

According to the Fund, the project Domestic Violence have helped more than 2,700 women to get a life without violence.

At the meeting Mary was dressed in a new pink blouse or dress. The bottom part wasn't visible, it was hidden under the table. The girly piece of clothes has the paisley print. I find it difficult to describe if I like it or not. That one picture of her wearing it gives me noting. I love the pink colour next to her dark brown hair but I need to see her wear the it again to decide weather or not I like it. My guess is that she's wearing a blouse, should it be a dress I'll be very surprised. Not Mary's style and I'm not sure the print would suit a dress. And of course, do you know anything about it or think you have seen something that looks like hers - than leave a comment or write me a mail. If you're doing it anyway, tell me your thoughts on this.

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