Crown Princess Mary: the most stylish young royal woman

We all knew this, but now it's official: Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, mother of four, married to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has now been named the most stylish young royal by online readers of Hello!. Over 30,000 readers cast their vote and with 29 per cent of the votes given to the Danish Crown Princess. This is how she was given the impressive title. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands followed her in a second place and third was the Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. I'm so proud to have the most stylish royal woman as Crown Princess. This proves; a classic style with a pair of personal items mixed with a little colour, will always be a winner despite the constant chancing fashion. I think one of the reasons why the Crown Princess was a favourite, is because of her confidence. She's confident in what she wears and more important -Mary's personality influencing her choice of clothing. I give a little more detailed description below. Reasons why think she won this vote. Nor is it the first time Mary's name appears on such a list. The american magazine Vanity Fair, who published their first issue in 1913, mentioned her on their list in 2010 on a fourth place, then again in 2012 and 2014. Each time she rank in the top among world class hollywood stars etc. She is everywhere to find when it comes to finding the best dressed woman in the world. 

Why is it that Mary's style is loved by so many women worldwide?
A long time ago, Mary admitted she had no clue what her style was. She only knew a little about fashion. Then she came to Denmark and quickly she was known as the fashion-princess because she attended almost every fashion show held in Denmark. She proved that she was way more than that. Fashion was just the beginning. She also once told in an interview, she needed a personal stylish to help her because she did not know what suited her. Today, she is lecturing all of us how to dress properly. In a sea of colours, patterns and different materials Mary rule the fashion world: national and internationally. She is a source of inspiration for millions of woman worldwide. Here is why I believe her style will late for a very long time:


I think Mary love colours. In my regular posts I often mentions the variety of her use of colours. They have a special influence on us. I'm one of those who believe that every single colour have their own meaning, like emotions. Every one of them affect us in a certain way. If you right now think I'm completely crazy, think about it for a moment; have you never seen a woman in a bright coloured dress and it made you fell happy, overwhelmed, sad etc.? I love colours, they makes life a bit more exciting. They makes us different from each other. Still, I have a thing about black and white pictures. Never mind. Colours are wonderful and we need to use them much more just like Mary does. Play with them, mix and match so they suit your personal style.

Pattern & prints

I often think it's difficult to combine patterns and prints with each other. It is hard to find the balance between well-dressed and over-dressed. But there is a whole world of wonderful and inspiring patterns out there. Mary knows how to dress with both animal prints and geometric patterns and not just the black/white ones, also in bright playful colours. I'm always impressed when I see her wear a new piece of clothes featuring a new fascinating print. It's like with the colours; Mary makes her outfits modern, personal and more interesting using all kind of pattern and prints. She does what other women only think about. Remember; black isn't really a colour and not that exciting to wear all the time. Maybe we are afraid of the attention colour and prints can give us? Mary knows how to shine and almost every single time we adore her look because of prints and patterns. 

Different styles

Mary never get 'plain and boring' when it comes to style. She always wear the latest trend -her own way- whether it's a fashionable trench coat-vest or sneakers. Without compromising she varies, her choice of clothing after the latest trend, the season of the year and what is right for the event she participates. When we least expect it, Mary shows up dressed in a new or reused dress, in a way we haven't seen it before. Either she's wearing a very significant print, a maxi-dress or a third thing. She does the unexpected. Every year I guess what she wears at a particular event, but often I'm mistaken because she does the unexpected. We see her wear black trousers for a short period, then she's in feminine dresses and so on. We never get tired of her style because Mary is inventive. 

Her femininity

What I love most about Mary, is the fact that she uses her femininity. Nothing is better than a woman wearing her femininity with pride. She's confident in what she wears because she has accepted her body as it is. How do I happen to know that? Well, I don't. What I know is that a woman only show so much aplomb if she has accepted herself. It doesn't matter how tall you are, how much you weigh or how much your waist measures -if you love your body as it is, then you automatically gets a confident attitude. Mary knows exactly what suits her, which size in clothes she uses and how to get the best out of her figure. Let men be men and women be women. She dare to show all her best sides and wear what makes her happy. 

Dresses her age

Nothing's better than a women who dresses her age. Every stage of her life, Mary variate her style. Whether she is the fashion-princess, mother of one, two or four, front figure for a new project, etc. When she was pregnant with Prince Christian back in 2005 and 2006, she wore lots of floral dresses, pastel colours and fine coats. Light materials and wide-brimmed hats. It was a very glamorous time of her fashion-life. About a year later in 2007, at the second pregnancy, she cut her hair and with that her style changed to become more mature. Plain colours, more simple models and a few classic pieces of jewellery. Around the time when she became 40 year old, we saw the fashion-princess once again; this time she was not insecure but a grown up woman. Suits, leather skirts, turtleneck blouses and maxi-dresses. I think this is another reason why her style is loved by so many: she dresses her age. 

That basic wardrobe

Maybe this one should have been No. 1? A basic wardrobe is essential -clothes and accessories she can mix and match, year after year. It is the foundation of a good wardrobe. Did you ever read my post about her basic wardrobe, here? Mary is known for her reuse of both basic items and new ones. The basic pieces is what Mary uses to get that amazing and stylish wardrobe which is the reason for her to win the Hello! vote. Am I right? She signaling that you can easily use your clothes and accessories time after time, year after year. You can be the worlds most stylish person also in reused clothing's. 


  1. Great post Henriette! Mary is definitely the most stylish royal lady.

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! :)
      I love that I'm able to share this news with all of you.

  2. She is ALWAYS Beautiful and beatyfully dressed

    1. She differently is and now her style is proved to be one of the most beautiful :)

  3. Cute vest :)
    Maria V.

    1. The vest is a rather new one from Fonnesbech. Follow the link and you will be able to read more about it:

      Btw. great blog of yours! ;)