Designers' Nest

Friday, August 7th

Crown Princess Mary attended the Designers' Nest show and handed over the prestigious Nest Award to the winner Sara Lundberg. 1

For a second my heart stopped beating when I saw the first photo from the Designers' Nest Award. I had a hard time breathing because Mary was so well dressed. Every single component matched - classic with a twist of something modern, her everyday hairstyle she took to a whole new level and the fact that she wore all of it with great confidence. To me she was on the top of the game! At the arrival Mary was welcomed by at flower girl who gave her a beautiful bouquet. Later, after the show, Mary graced the runway herself to hand over a huge bouquet to the winner Swedish Sara Lundberg from the Swedish School of Textiles. When she was photographed with Sara, on the runway, she was one big smile just as the winner. The two women had a little chat, Mary might congratulated Sara Lundberg. This is Mary how we know her. Which also describe her look - we got the good old Mary back or at least this one time. The last half a year she has been wearing some quite... unusual piece of clothes like sneakers, lots of black and over all something very different than what we are use to see her in. Nothing's wrong about changes but I love her style because it's so unique and black clothes isn't that unique. I like her way of using colours such as the mix and match she prints. Mary is not afraid of trying a new combination the biggest fashionista haven't even thought of!

We cannot overlook she's wearing that gorgeous new long vest. They are highly modern right now. I think we will see many of them in the fall. I considered to buying one myself, now I might actually do it. Mary convinced me with hers which has been identified as a Fonnesbech (SS15) creation. The first time we see her in their design, maybe it will not be the last. I really cannot describe why I like this new vest so much but Mary with her brown hair wear it so beautifully. Notice the orange belt and lining. What a stunning detail! Maybe you think you have seen both the vest and the combination Mary wore at the Designers' Nest; you are actually on to something. One of my most dedicated readers told me a very interesting thing. Back in 2014 Mary was on an official visit in Canada with Frederik. Here she attended a fashion arrangement on September 18th accompanied by a woman with the name Eva Kruse. She is the CEO of the fashion industry network organization Danish Fashion Institute and the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Eva Kruse wore, on September 18th, the exact same vest as Mary in the combination with white trousers and blouse. You see a picture of Eva in her Fonnesbech vest on the picture right below. Because of the plain white clothes underneath the peach/beige vest, Mary and Eva both look taller. It's also a great contrast. Take a quick look at Mary's trousers; love that she isn't not just wearing normal straight trousers. These gives the outfit something special.

Carefully I've studied every picture I have to see if Mary wore any sort of bag or clutch. I realized, she wasn't. This is the second time in a very short period she has no bag with her at en event. I wonder why? Well that's her decision. A thing we saw, again, was the several amazing pieces of jewellery! Around her neck she wore two golden necklaces; one from Orit Elhanati and one from Marianne Dulong. Mary has worn these two a lot lately. A great match. Thin jewellery are trendy to match. If you just need to have one yourself and can't afford a real Marianne Dulong then I have THIS to show you. Sent to me be a reader who love it as much as I do. It's a great match! Her earrings are from Marlene Juhl-Jørgensen. Again a bracelet or two from Anni Lu and Charlotte Wæhrens on the right hand and a brand new golden cuff featuring a huge (!) diamond shaped stone. I was asked if it was a watch or a bracelet - differently the last. My best reader Pernille have now found the right one. It's a vintage bracelet in 14k gold with a large citrine stone from the Danish jewellery designer Børge Niels Knudsen. The gold and silver diamond rings are both from Ole Lynggaard. She finished the look with her fantastic Valentino shoes!

Vest: Fonnesbech Vest
Earrings: Marlene Juhl-Jørgensen Bille Earrings Guld DKK 899
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace DKK 10,300
Necklace: Marianne Dulong Atlantic Necklace
Bracelets: Anni Lu Mess Army Bracelet + Fun Bracelet Army DKK 299
Bracelet: Charlotte Wæhrens Rainbow Bracelet w. Saphires
Bracelec w. Stone: Børge Niels Knudsen Vintage Cuff in 14K Gold
Rings: Ole Lynggaard 
Love Bands Ring in 18K Whitegold DKK 19,900
Leves Ring in 18K Yellow Gold DKK 29,900
Shoes: Valentino Beige Studded Leather Rockstud DKK 2,485

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