Congratulations to Queen Margrethe

Saturday, April 16th

Queen Margrethe celebrated her 76th birthday with her family and the rest of Denmark with a little ceremony at the balcony at Amalienborg in Copenhagen. 1 2 1 2

It was a lovely day to celebrate a wonderful queen. Like many times before, hundreds of Danes were gathered in front of Amalienborg to get a glimpse of the queen along with her family. All to celebrate the queen on 76th birthday. Personally, I have never had to chance to be there myself, but I bet it is a strong feeling to part of. The atmosphere seems great. Hope that I some day will be able to be there myself, maybe even take my own pictures. This little 'balcony ceremony' is truly something I hope the Crown Prince couple to will keep as tradition. Think it would mean a lot to the Crown Prince's mother - and the rest of the Danes. Around noon, Queen Margrethe then stepped out on the balcony dressed in the most magnificent blue suit. Shortly after, she was surrounded by her closest family. On big, adorable family. Think we hare lucky to have them as representatives for Denmark. I was especially delighted to see the Crown Prince couple's four children. We rarely get to see them at public events. And little Princess Athena - she's grown up really fast and what a beautiful little young lady she had become. After the balcony scene, the family enjoyed a dinner in each others company behind the closed doors at Amalienborg.

I am in no doubt sure that all of you noticed Mary on the balcony. Basically because of that amazing new fuchsia coat. She was a glowing star in that coat. Love that we get to see her wearing something this colorful. Mary wears these bright colors so beautifully. Spring is just around the corner and a coat like this is a great a supplement to her, already amazing, wardrobe. The coat is the only new piece from todays celebration, so I really wanted to be able to identify it. With help from Kate it was found at GOAT Fashion. Can't wait to see it again. Both skirt and blouse are reused pieces from several other events. Actually, she was worn the specific combination before. The combo was worn during a visit in Canada, here, and then at a visit to Germany, here. Even matching the outfit with that snake belt is seen previously. Unfortunately, I have never been able to identify where the belt is from. Do you happen to know something about it? Maybe you even recall that the blouse is from Elise Gug (collection: 2013) and it features a white pearl as button. The black skirt is from another very talented Danish designer called Signe Bøgelund-Jensen. I did not manage to find pictures showing which pair of shoes she was wearing. My guess would be her good old Christian Louboutin snake skin pumps. These pumps was do great with the rest of the outfit and has been worn before with this outfit. Surprisingly, I was able to track down a picture with a glimpse of her actually wearing the Christian Louboutin pumps. Mary had accessorized her look with Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings and a ring from the same designer.

Now there is only one thing left to say and that is congratulations to the Queen on her birthday.

Coat: GOAT Wool-Crepe Coat
Blouse: Elise Gug
Skirt: Signe Bøgelund-Jensen Double Pleated Skirt
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Lotus
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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