'Denmark Eats Together'

Monday, April 25th

Crown Princess Mary attended, along with the Mary Foundation, the arrangement Denmark Eats Together, here, organized by People's Movement Against Loneliness, here, that took place in Nørrebrohallen, Copenhagen.


As chairwoman and co-founders of the Mary Foundation the Crown Princess is truly involved in their work, which particularly is created to combat domestic violence, bullying and solitude. Both domestic violence, bullying and solitude can cause social isolation, which is still a taboo to talk about in Denmark. The Crown Princess has often before spoken for the open dialogue to combat social isolation. For the last few years, solitude has been on the agenda in Denmark, which gives the Crown Princess a chance to take action. The event in Nørrebrohallen is a great example of her commitment to make a change. Denmark Eats Together is organized by People's Movement Against Loneliness. It came as quite a surprise to the other participants to see the Crown Princess, when she suddenly appeared in the room. The participants were all gathered to show their support to the event. As usual she gave a remarkable speech before the dinner was served. She told how important it is to her and her family to enjoy dinner together; it is the place to share a days experiences, tell and listen. Despite it's not that easy to get anyone to listen to you, when you have four children. A dinner is where you get the chance to get together and meet friends and family. A diner is a social thing. If you master Danish I think you should take time and read her speech, here.

Mary was really casual dressed when she attended the event in Nørrebrohallen. I manage to find some quality photos that clearly show a relaxed dressed Crown Princess, having a great time. To me it looks like she was wearing some kind of golden knitted sweater and a greenish blazer. Both pieces look new to me. Any ideas where these pieces are from? I haven't found a thing yet. She wore the new pieces with a pair of skinny black jeans and brand new Julie Fagerholt Heartmade (collection: SS16) chelsea boots. They were indented by the one and only Kate. In a way I love this chic combo. Still something is bothering me but I can't really tell what it is. Do you like her outfit? Love that we get to see some more casual and edgy outfits. The first accessory I spotted was her black Bottega Veneta bag. It has been worn a million times before, and still it looks super stylish. Will it ever go out of style? Secondly, I noticed that she was wearing earrings. They have been hard to identify because the lack of pictures and her hair getting in the way. But now there is no doubt in my mind - Mary wore her Louise Grønlykke earrings. She perfectly matched the earrings with diamond rings and a golden leaf ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Seems to be a favourite of hers these days. I would pick the golden ring if I had to choose one thing from her outfit, which one would ou chose?

Earrings: Louise Grønlykke Marrakech Earrings
Bag: Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Hobo Bag
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Leaves Ring
Shoes: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade Chelsea Boots


  1. I would pick the coat because I think it is a versatile piece- coats last forever in ones' wardrobe. Also, having seen other clearer photos, I think the coat is more brown than black especially because the pocket is made to stand out with what looks like black or it could be dark blue piping.



    1. It is differently a great coat, easy to mix and match whatever style you like. About the colour, I am still not sure whether her new blazer is black, brown or a third one. What I know is, that I would really like to see her wear it again so we might have a chance getting a better glimpse at this stylish new piece of her wardrobe.

  2. I agree--and we can be sure that she will!