Day 2. Official visit to Burkina Faso

Tursday, April 28th

From April 27-28th, Crown Princess Mary is on an official visit to Burkina Faso with focus on girls and women's sexual and reproductive health and rights. The Crown Princess is accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen. 1 1

From the second the two traveling companions arrived to Burkina Faso, all their attention were given to those around them - from organizations member to locals sharing their stories with the two foreigners from Denmark. On this second and last day in Burkina Faso, the Crown Princess began her day by visiting the Schiphra Center, who among other things offers treatment of severe complications do to given birth. Here she and Minister of Foreign Affairs, were given a guided tour around the maternity ward and operating room to see under which conditions hundreds of women are being helped to give birth. It was a really emotional Crown Princess, who sat down and talked with some of the women who have had birth complications and, which has been operated at the Schiphra Center. She later expressed to the press, how impressed she was of the dedicated doctors and strong women on the center. The Crown Princess and Kristian Jensen also payed a visit to the Delwende Center in Ouagadougou. About 250 women live at the Delwende Center. The women are being accused of being witches. The center gives protection, offer a home, serve meals etc. She and the Minister of Foreign Affairs also attended a guided tour to see for themselves some of the activities the women at the center make: spinning of cotton, grain sorting and growing vegetables. Many personal stories were shared, and even dancing took place to drum music. The Crown Princess joined the women for a dance.

Before they paid a visit at ABBEF in the capital city Ouagadougou, who works to promote access to sexual and reproductive health services, especially for poor and marginalized young people, the two travelers attended lunch with representatives for equality of women's rights in Brukina Faso. At the ABBEF Youth Information Center, the Crown Princess had an open and honest dialogue with the young people about gender equality, family planning and birth control. Both Danish guests asked about wishes, future, possibilities in life etc. Especially one young man was proud to tell about his future wishes to improve his skills in some of the areas, which is on the agenda at Women Deliver. According to Billed Bladet, here, this young man had especially one wish - to attend Women Deliver, and within seconds the Crown Princess invited him attending the conference. It was then suggested that a young lady from the center also should attend. This two days official visit to Burkina Faso ended with a evening reception at the Ambassador's residence. 

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