Mary on Course at Harvard in Boston

*Photo by Agnés Colbert taken during a visit to Estonia in 2014*
I think we all have wondered why we really haven't seen Mary for a while now. But everything seems to have a reason. Since March 29th to April 8th, Mary has been on a course Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century at Harvard in Boston. The course is made in collaboration with Harvard Kennedy School and World Economic Forum for members of Young Global Leaders as Mary was appointed back in 2012 because of her work with among others the Mary Foundation. Young Global Leaders has since 2004 appointed some of the worlds most skilled young leaders to create a strong network to find solutions dealing with global humanitarian challenges. Yes, we have a talented and beautiful Crown Princess. If you would like to know more about all this, you find information's about Young Global Leaders and her visit in Boston here and here.

Remember that tomorrow, the royal family welcome the Mexican Presidential couple who will stay in Denmark for two days on an official state visit. We get gala dinners, several visits and a return reception. Something great to look forward to! See you tomorrow. 


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    1. You are absolutely not the only one! With what she has achieved as Crown Princess the last 12 years, we differently have something to look up to.