"How does the climate have impact on our environment?"...

April, 25

... this was how Crown Princess Mary started her opening speech at the Human Health and The Impact of Environmental and Climatic Factors' exhibition which took place in the Opera, Copenhagen.

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I speak a lot about colors and once again I have mention it because the way Mary created a outfit with grey and red are really clever. The red jacket stand out next to the grey dress. Her outfit became fitted because of the belt in the waist. On the left side of her chest she wore a recycled brooch. She chose grey accessories; pumps from By Larin and a clutch from Naledi Copenhagen.

This is not the first time we see Mary attend in a exhibition or conference dealing with the environment. At the exhibition she was shown projects with solar radiation in Europe, innovative tools to diagnose skin cancer on an early stage and studies on environmental factors.

Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Diana Ostrich Clutch in Grey DKK3,731.00


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