World Wildlife Fund's 40 Years Anniversary

May, 30th

WWF - World Wildlife Fund (Verdensnaturfonden) hosted a gala dinner to celebrate that Denmark has been member of the organization for 40 years. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended the dinner.

Both the Queen and her daughter-in-law, Mary, lightened the entire party up in their colourful dresses! Mary's was a combination of black pants and a long dress. Actually the dress was a gift from the designer Si Hoang, she received on the visit in Vietnam. He creates traditional Vietnamese clothes. Such a star! I love to see her in such colour, you really can't stop starring and the huge Jewlscph earrings makes it even more difficult to stop starring. Funny thing is that the legendary Barbie here were a dress inspired by one of his collections, Aodal. According to this site Mary visited the designers store in Port Palace lap HCMC when she was on sightseeing back in 2009 when they were in Vietnam on a official state visit there with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, to get her measures to create the perfect dress. The black satin pumps is from Prada. The clutch might be a Bottega Veneta model. I was surprised and overwhelmed by her look when she stepped out of the little golf car when all of them arrived to the dinner. I hadn't seen it coming that she would be wearing so beautiful and wild dress!

Dress: Si Hoang Floral Dress
Earrings: Jewlscph Diamond Earrings
Shoes: Prada Satin Pumps

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