"Children's day"

May, 6

Crown Princess Mary attended, as a patron of the Children's Day (Børnehjælpsdagen), the unveiling of a portrait by Romero Britto. He is also the artist of the painting to the opening of the Children's Day.

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One of the colors I really love to see Mary wear, then it is purple. She wears it so beautifully and next to her dark brown her it become much more beautiful. This time she was wearing a purple Prada dress with short sleeves and draping at front. It's not new. With a little braid at one side of her head you could see her lovely Cenius & Bach earrings! As a woman you know how it is to wear high heels and at the same time be able to actually walk in them, it's much more hard then it looks. Sure Mary have had many year of experience after all but in a pair of super high Jimmy Choo pumps everything can happen. Of course she did not fall but I think I would have and my experience with high heels is also pretty good. Maybe you remember the heels she wore at the weeding in Monaco between Prince Albert and Charlene; this model of pumps are pretty much a like.

And then there is her new (!!!) black clutch and believe it or not, it comes from Ralph Lauren. I found it when I was looking for a completely other bag of hers but I found this and I'm so happy.

Dress: Prada
Earrings: Cenius & Bach Silver Diamond Earrings with Amethyst 
Clutch: Ralph Lauren Suede Embroidered Clutch $2,695

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