TV2 Christmas Show

Thursday, November 19th 

Crown Princess Mary attended the TV2 Christmas Show (Juleshow) in Musikkens Hus in Aalborg as the guest of honor.

As the name of the location, the House of Music (Musikkens Hus), implies Mary spend an evening with lots of music on Thursday when she attended the TV2 Christmas Show at 8:35 pm. local time in Aalborg. With white walls and red chairs the House of Music was the perfect to this christmas show., the national colours of Denmark. Along with Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and artist like Martin Brygmann, Kaya Brüll and Barbara Moleko which all were dressed their best in evening suits and dresses, Mary attended the perfect evening celebration the christmas and of course she was the guest of honor. The two hosts were news hosts on TV2 Cecilie Frøkjær and Hans Pilgaard, they are both well-known faces in Denmark for different entertainment programs. I'm sure with these two hosts it was a wonderful evening. As far as I know the show was not live broadcasted but as previous years it's broadcasted a day in december and I'm for sure ready to watch the show which I think makes anyone in the best christmas-mood! Unfortunately it has not yet ben published when it will be broadcasted. As if she was the star of the show, Mary arrived in the best mood to the House of Music in Aalborg around half past eight to attend the great christmas show. On the red carpet before she found her seat, she was welcomed by the sweetest flower girl in a dress that reminded me a lot of Mary's new golden Prada dress she wore at the gala dinner at Christiansborg Castle about a week ago. Perfectly matching the carpet and chairs in the big hall Mary shone in her red dress! As the guest of honor, and Crown Princess, she was given  one of the best seats on the balcony next to the Mayor of Aalborg Thomas Kastrup Larsen and Cristen Obel from Det Obelske Familie Fond to watch the entertaining christmas show.

As I mentioned before Mary was dressed beautifully in a bright red, what I almost tend yo call a christmas, dress worn once before -at a christmas reception with the Mary Foundation last year in the beginning of December, if I'm correct. You remember we have seen it before? The dazzling fitted red dress is from Dolce & Gabbana and I simply love it! I know it's just a red dress and I think I could find a million that looks like this but she wear it like it was painted on her. No wonder why I love red and Mary! At the arrival she wore her black Prada coat, seen close to a million times before but I never get tired of seeing it. The shape is timeless as the lest of her look. A little detail which I might be the only one to notice, is the different length of coat and dress. This was the most perfect combination in the 50s. A long fitted dress or skirt with a rather large, shorter coat. With the help from her hairdresser, Søren Hedegaard, her hair and makeup were absolutely flawless. For more than 10 years has Søren done his magic to make Mary look her best, show all her best parts and created the most beautiful hairstyles. Even though her hair was done 'quite normal' at the christmas show in Aalborg it was very flattering to her outfit. Feminine and flattering. As last year, the dress gave us the opportunity to focus on the expensive accessories. I think we saw a pair of earrings but I'm not sure which one. Maybe you recognized them? As no other royal, and woman, Mary know how to chose accessories and to chose a bright pink Carlend Copenhagen clutch is really clever of her. Make the dress shine even more in the lights of the photographers, despite the fact that there are no such details as sequins on neither the dress or clutch. To match the black Prada coat we have to move our eyes to her feet. Most women have something with other women's shoes; I believe a pair of shoes can tell much more than we know. And of course I could not stop staring at her new black T-strap shoes. What I like about this model is the shape on the foot, the design is just great and it reminds me so much of vintage shoes -which makes me drool. A second after I showed this one blurred picture to a friend of mine, she texted me back with an ID. What should I do without such a friend? My first thought when I saw her shoes was: have we seen them before? But nothing crossed my mind thinking of black patent T-strap shoes, no wonder because these are brand new from Gianvito Rossi. A big thanks to Kate. His timeless and classic design makes me feel like I'm in heaven. I wonder how a pair of Gianvito Rossi shoes feel like? You know; are the comfortable to wear? Because Mary owns now quite many pairs I tend to say they are really comfortable to wear. Mary has always worn shoes with a pointed toe and I admire that, it suits her foot and figure in general. And what, another pair from the famous shoe designer Gianvito Rossi doesn't make the different, does it?

Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Patent-Leather T-bar Pumps
Dress: Dolce & Gabbana Wool Crepe Scoopneck Dress
Cluch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa
Coat: Prada

By the way when we talk about christmas than I got, what I believe, is the most brilliant idea for me to share with you in December. So be ready and keep an eye on the blog on Sunday the 28th of November!

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