Christmas Reception with the Mary Foundation

Wednesday, November 25th

Crown Princess Mary hosted a christmas reception at Amalienborg for the Mary Foundations partners.

At the beginning of this week Mary hosted a Christmas reception with the Mary Foundation and their partners which over the years has become a really nice tradition but only now we see pictures from the reception. This event gives the opportunity to thank everybody who have been involved or have supported the foundations work the past year and to wish everybody a merry Christmas. Of course this year was no exception. They were all invited to glögg and æbleskiver. Probably you have heard about both these thing, if you haven't don't worry I will tell you more about it. Glögg or glühwein (German) goes back to Germany. It's a very traditional hot drink which are made of among others red wine, snaps, brown rom, madeira, oranges, lemon, cinnamon, star anise etc. Today it contains much more alcohol so if you drink too much you might get a little drunk ;) It tastes kinds spicy. Æbleskiver is from Denmark and I'm not sure there even is an english translation but the Danes love them and is the epitome of Christmas. Primarily they are made of pancake batter. They are pan fried in a round shape and them they are eaten with either/or both jam or icing sugar. They are really delicious! So if you get the change to try these two delicacies someday, do it without hesitating. Back to what this was all about. Mary welcomed her invited guests at Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen, around 3:00 pm. local time. From the beginning the atmosphere was great, everyone were in a good mood in the room, that smelled like Christmas should. I'm sure they had all had a great time together with Mary. One of the guests who had traveled all the way from Chicago to attend the reception was Professor and Ph.D. John T. Cacioppo. He is a member of the the Mary Foundations expert panel working with loneliness. According to the foundations website, he has been a great inspiration and help in their work with this specific area. At the reception, representatives as the Lauritzen Betina Ipsen who support the Netwerk project, Marketing Manager of DHL Express Susanne Kristensen works with the Free of Bullying's Children relay project and project manager in TrygFonden Christoffer Elbrønd and communications officer in DBU Mikkel Minor Jensen important project partners in Klubfidusen attended. Mary conversed with all of them during the reception. Since last year there must be a lot to talk about -all their impressive results, new projects and what the next will bring.

Hvert år samler vi de mennesker, som vi samarbejder med i løbet af året. Vi samler dem for at takke for deres indsats og...
Opslået af Mary Fonden på 28. november 2015

First I thought she was wearing a black dress which was the only thing I did not expect. Suddenly I flipped my computer screen by an accident and I realized that it wasn't black but green! With a little more light I found that she was wearing her dark green suede dress from Prada. It is differently not the first time we see this dress but I took my quite a while to identify it even though I found it at one of her favourite designers. First I was sure JOSEPH was the designer, that was before I found the real model at Prada. There is no doubt in my mind. Very appropriate of her to wear a dress in this colour, perfect to celebrate Christmas and her co-workers. She matched the wallpapers in the room where the reception were held. Very clever Mary! I might be the only one who noticed this. I remember at least three times she was worn the dress, all three with great success. In 2013 when she and Frederik along with the rest of the family attended a dinner at Hotel Admiral with the President and his wife of Slovakia, the same year she wore it again at Prince Nicolai's confirmation at the evening party celebrating him and then last in 2014 when she attended the Ultra Gala show she wore it with a pair of leopard pumps. With that one picture published where we see her feet I think I know what pair of shoes she was wearing. That pair of beige Prada pointed pumps from the Free of Bullying Seminar on October 8th 2015. What do you think, am I on the right path here? The beige would be perfect because it makes the green colour stand out. Of course you all noticed her new silver bracelet featuring green stones. Mary has several times worn bracelets like this but I have never been able to identify the designer -if it's even the same. Because of her loose hair I can't see is she's wearing earrings or not I wonder which nail polish she is wearing? I really love the beautiful bordeaux next to the green dress!

Dress: Prada Green Suede Dress $245 (pre-owned)
Shoes: Prada Beige Pointed Toe Pumps €485?

Note: Frederik and Mary are in Australia with their four children all december and on Christmas eve, that's about time if you ask me. In eleven years Mary haven't celebrated Christmas with her Australian family. That of course means no official events for Mary, but don't worry I have prepared several posts to share with you in december. I all starts tomorrow!

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