The Brain Prize 2014

Thursday, May 1st
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of The Brain Prize 2014 at The Black Diamond in Copenhagen.

The Brain Prize
... or Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Prize as it is originally called, is given to one or more scientists who have distinguished themselves by some outstanding contribution to European neuroscience and is still active in research. Along with the prize is awarded €1 million. You find more information on The Brian Prize here

It was before dinner the Crown Princess arrived to The Black Diamond in Copenhagen to attend the presentation of this years Brain Prize 2014, which is given to: "One or more scientists who have distinguished themselves by some outstanding contribution to European neuroscience".

It was with a huge smile on her face she was kindly welcomed as the guest of honor. She was given a large bouquet of flowers in the most magnificent colours by the sweetest flower girl. All this was caught on camera by the wonderful Agnés Colbert, who has allowed me to share some of her pictures taken at the arrival.

Crown Princess Mary was the one to present and hand over The Brain Prize 2014, which was given to three talented scientists from England, Italy and France. Along with the prize is given €1 million split between all three recipients: Giacomo Rizzolatti, Stanislas Dehaene and Trevor Robbins. So, why did they become recipients of The Brain Prize? Because they contributed with new knowledge and learning of reading and mathematics, social behavior disorders as addictions and substance abuse and ADHD and compulsions.

Before presenting the prize, she Crown Princess entered the stage to give a short speech which was then followed by a presentation of the three winners. Then the famous musician Bent Fabricius-Bjerre entertained all attendances with music played on piano. She really seemed to enjoy the evening at The Black Diamond.

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Photo @Agnés Colbert
As impressed as I always am, I was truly overwhelmed by yesterday's outfit! The first that crossed my mind was "this is what we are talking about!". A summer look to die for, all because of that pale pink figure hugging dress from Prada. I simply adore it with every little detail. Pastel colours, like this bobble gum pink, looks dazzling next to her fair skin and lovely dark brown hair. Really suitable for an evening event. Actually, she repeated a success with the dress and silver cardigan, from 2013 when she visited the university in Roskilde. The simplicity is to die for, at the same time easy to copy if you like to do that as much as I do. When we are talking about the cardigan; I always believed that By Malene Birger was the designer but with the pictures I have taken by Agnés, I see that I was terrible wrong. In fact she is wearing a silver lurex cardigan from Ann Taylor. Nothing new about it because we have seen it at several occasions before this one, so we of course all recognized it.

With her timeless style, she dazzled wearing brand new pair of shoes in the same colour as the dress. As I thought, the pumps have been found at Gianvito Rossi by Fashion Follower! Just love the shape and colour. I wouldn't mind wearing those with a white or maybe navy blue dress. At first I wasn't really sure about the clutch but after a closer look I think I'm right about my first assumption: it is a Carlend Copenhagen clutch. Matching the style she accessorized her outfit with four golden bracelets -Marianne Dulong and Shamballa Jewels- rings from Ole Lynggard Copenhagen and a pair of adorable two colour earrings. Oh... now I almost forgot to mention the rhinestone hair clip. A little unusual for her to wear but back in the old days Mary wore them quite often. So why do you day? Lovely, right!

Dress: Prada Rose Colored Dress DKK 3.700
Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Original Python DKK 2700
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Esme Bracelet w. Diamonds DKK 20.900 
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Anello Bracelet w. Diamonds DKK 32.000
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle White Diamond Pavé
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Rose Pink Pointed Toe Pumps $238

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