-a new royal forum!

Few weeks ago I have contacted and asked if I would be interested in blogging on this new royal forum called I didn't hesitate for a second; of course I would, I'd love to! Royalista is all about royals -pictures, posts, blogs, royal forums etc. This one site gathers all news about the world's royalty. With great passion and fascination of the world's royalty Royalista has been created by people who can't wait to show you what they are prepared for months. I have already been introduced to what it all looks like and I'm sure it is going to be a huge success. Everything is so incredible. Something you really have to look forward to see when it all is official May 20th. Sure you will all love it as much as I already do! It's really a true honor to me to be a part of all this, where you in the future can follow me under the same name Styleofmary. I hope you will give it a great start and is ready to welcome a new royal site. I'm so excited about all of this and can't wait to start blogging!!!


  1. Great news for you!!

    So does it mean that this blog will no longer exist anymore?

    C├ęcile (queen & princesses watchers blog)

    1. NO absolutely not!!! It will never happen :D I will continue to post here on the blog

    2. Happy to hear that!!!!