Day 3: Official Visit to Poland

Wednesday, May 14th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have been in Poland the last three days accompanied by a business delegation of Danish companies to share and focus on trade between the two countries. May 14th is their last day in Poland. 


The Crown Prince couple's program
  • 9:30 am. The Crown Prince couple attended breakfast
  • 2:00 pm. The Crown Prince couple attended the Multinational Corps Northeast parade
  • 4:15 pm. The Crown Prince couple attended a reception on the frigate Niels Juel
Crown Princess Mary's program
  • 10:30 am. Crown Princess Mary visited the KK Electronics 
  • 12:45 pm. Crown Princess Mary visited the Children's Hospital
  • 3:10 pm. The Crown Princess visited a Greenland Exhibition
Crown Prince Frederik's program
  • 10:30 am. The Crown Prince attended the conference Wind Summit
  • 1:00 pm. Crown Prince Frederik attended the seminar Waste Management

From early morning the royal couple were celebrated on occasion of their 10th anniversary.Ten years, that is just unbelievably. Have the feeling that they got married yesterday. I know I've already congratulated them, here, but really it's not every day our favourite couple celebrate their 10th anniversary so; congratulations! In the morning they enjoyed breakfast together at City Hall in Stettin, Poland. As gift they received a beautiful cake. Together they cut a piece of the cake as on the wedding day. Smiling and laughing, the couple seemed to enjoy every single moment. And of course it was not the only time that day they were celebrated and congratulated. After the reception at the City Hall Mary visited KK Electronics and then a children's hospital where she was welcomed by the most incredible little girl, patent at the hospital, who gave Mary a single flower which she received with great pleasure. Mary had already had a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the arrival. Completely fallen in love with the little girl, Mary chose to hand over her white bouquet to her. The most wonderful series of photos. All meanwhile Frederik attended a conference on wind power and a seminar Waste Management, responsive to everything he heard and learned during the seminar. I'm sure there was no better way to end this official visit then by celebrating Frederik and Mary!

In my opinion Mary always dresses perfectly but at special days like these, I think everybody pays extra attention to what she's wearing. She different knows how to dress for special occasions. Radiating in her lovely L.K. Bennett peplum featuring a blue optic flower print. I'm surprised by her choice but I love what I see! She paired the top with a simple black pencil skirt, a tiny belt and of course new purple pumps. Yes, that's right purple pumps. With what I see, hear and read these new pumps may be from Jimmy Choo. Because non of us have found the right model yet, we can't be a 100 % sure but when I compare the two of them, there is no doubt in my mind. Jimmy Choo has to be the designer. Maybe with the help from you girls, we'll be able to find what we all are looking for.  Arriving to the City Hall she wore a plain white Prada coat. Having never thought that blue and purple is such a great match, what do you think? -something you'd every consider wearing? She accessorized her outfit with lots of dazzling jewelleries; matching earrings and a ring from Pomellato, another bracelet from Shamballa Jewels and yet another very interesting bracelet given to her by her husband probably because of their anniversary. The bracelet features four "shadows" for each of their four children, centered by a pendant with their initials -F M. This wonder was made by Ragnar R. Jørgensen, here. No doubt that Frederik loves and adore his wife. So lovely! Last but not least she wore a blue Quidam clutch. Also notice her beautiful curly hair; it's simply wonderful.

This is all from Poland. Soon the couple will be back in Denmark.

Blouse: L.K. Bennett Leticia Floral Optic Print Top
Coat: Prada
Ring: Pomellato Luna Ring
Earrings: Pomellato Veleno Earrings
Bracelet: Ragnar R. Jørgensen
Clutch: Quidam Grey Calfskin Clutch


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