Save a Mother's Life at Mother's Day / Red en Mors liv på Mors Dag

Monday, April 28th
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Crown Princess Mary attended this years Save a Mothers Life at Mothers Day organized by the Maternity Foundation in Copenhagen. 

The Maternity Foundation 
In 2005 is the Maternity Foundation established by Henriette Svarre Nielsen, M.D. in Obstetrics and Gynocology along with five other women. With the vision that "No women should die giving life", the foundation aims to reduce maternal and newborn mortality in developing countries where more than 800 women die every day from complications of pregnancies and childbirth. Since 2010 has Crown Princess Mary been patron of the Maternity Foundation. You find more info about the fund and their work here

Save a Mothers Life at Mothers Day / Red en Mors liv på Mors Dag
... has since 2007 been the Maternity Foundation's way of celebration Mother's Day which supports the foundations vision of no women should die giving birth. Despite the great effort on the area, over 800 women are still dying each day from complications of pregnancies and childbirth. Read more about how to support the foundation and their work, here.

To be able to launch a new project is something really big also for a foundation as the Maternity Foundation and this was exactly what they did on Monday April 28th. The foundation launched Save a Mothers Life at Mothers Day (Red en Mors liv på Mors Dag) campaign with attendance of Crown Princess Mary who have been the fund's patron since 2010. Is there a better way of celebrating something that is in favor of women and children which is exactly what you are working for, than inviting the Crown Princess? -No I do not believe so. So both a Crown Princess and patron attended Mary the launching which took place in Danish Design Center, Copenhagen. The campaign allows you as a private person to support the foundation's work by purchasing a special designed Mother's Day card, this year designed by artist Anika Lori. As keynote speaker entered Mary the stage and gave, as usual, an impressive speech on why this is so important not just to her but also the women living in development countries. This year the campaign is especially necessary as the countdown to achieve the UN goal of reducing maternal mortality by three quarters by 2015. Despite we will in the 21st century, 800 women still die of complication from pregnancies and childbirths which could have been prevented if they have had some educated help. I'm sure we will hear much more about all this in the near future because of Mary's commitment to girls and women's health, rights and well-being. 

Photos @Agnés Colbert

Darker colours are always a perfect match to golden accessories. No doubt about that. What I really like about this look is how she managed to build up an outfit from the dress, which by the way is brand new. Does that green colour just suit her or what? I think it makes the best out of her fair skin and lovely dark brown hair. Unfortunately I didn't manage to identify the designer. Drawing attention to her rather small waistline, she wore a three layer golden necklace I have really been looking forward to tell you about. It is from the Danish jewellery designer Jane Kønig and features three different necklaces. The longest and mid necklace features one pendant each and the last one have two smaller pentanes. Now you may have guessed it. But each golden pendants are engraved with each their own letter: C(hrisitan), I(sabella), V(incent) and J(osephine). Yes, you are right. One for each of her children. Isn't that cute?! I just love it. Same style as the necklace Mary wore several bracelets; two of them from Shamballa Jewels and Georg Jensen. Actually she was wearing quite a lot jewelleries, also Marlene Juhl-Jørgensen earrings and a stunning leaves rings created by I'm Jewel. Everything something we have seen before but not like this. We also got to see her incredible Christian Louboutin pumps again, maybe not the best match with the dress? Or then, it's really quite nice. To carry her speech and what else she brings with her, Mary added her brown croco clutch from Danish Carlend Copenhagen. A style I could get use to! A powerful and stylish look but yet still casual. No, really I do not know who she do it. 

Earrings: Marlene Juhl-Jørgensen Bille Earring, Small
Necklace + Pendant: Jane Kønig LoveTag Necklace DKK 550 + Mini LoveTag Pendant DKK 250
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Regitze Bracelet DKK 12.500
Ring: I'm Jewel Sage Ring $1,525
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Origincal Croco DKK 8.500
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Decollete 100mm Caramel Pumps

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