Opening of Hospital+Innovation Congress

September, 30

As patron of Healthcare DENMARK, Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of Hospital+Innovation Congress in Odense.

What is Hospital+Innovation Congress all about?
Well over the next ten year Denmark are about to invest in 16 new hospital projects which included greenfield projects and expansion of the already existing capacity. The congress invites international healthcare communities to join the discussion on innovative solutions. This year more than 350 participants attended from all over the world. Read much more about it here.

In the shiny black car Mary arrived to Odense on Funen to attend the opening of Hospital+Innovation Congress. Mary is the patron of Healthcare DENMARK who organized the opening. To officially open the congress she gave a wide smile and cut the traditional red ribbon with a large golden scissors standing next to regional council chairman at South Denmark (Region Syd Danmark) Carl Holst and President of Healthcare DENMARK Mariann Fischer Boel. At the opening she also held a speech which aims was to allow cooperation between stakeholders from the public and private sectors in order to create innovative and sustainable health solutions. She also had the chance to talk to some of the 350 participants at the congress which also had a chance to talk to the other participants, to share solutions and knowledge in the area they work. I really think this is a great way to share knowledge we have on certain subjects. We get smarter when we work together. Denmark is a country that uses a lot of time and efforts to develop and improve our hospital system, but we still have much to learn. With the congress that is possible. It is important we keep developing and find the best solutions because it's all about saving lives.

In a really great mood Mary attended the opening wearing a plain navy blue suit. Paying attention to all she was shown, Mary was guided on a little tour to see some of the possible future solutions to improve the healthcare system in among others Denmark. We have at a few occasions seen her wear actually both the short jacket and dress at the same time. They do a great outfit! You might remember the designer Danish SAND Copenhagen. On the left side of her chest she placed a little floral diamond brooch. Well I can't prove a thing to you but once, and only once, I read it was a gift given to her by her father-in-law Prince Henrik which apparently belonged to his mother. I haven't been able to confirm this information any where. So maybe the brooch is inherited or maybe it's not. I kinda like the story and I do not understand why no one can tell me but that's the fact. Sorry. A thing I can identify is her pointed shoes. They are from Lanvin. A lovely pair of shoes! She topped of the look with a Ivory Bogota and Shamballa Jewels bracelets. And of course the magnificent Rika clutch in the most wonderful bordeaux colours!

Jacket: SAND Copenhagen
Dress: SAND Copenhagen
Shoes: Lanvin Grosgrain-Trimmed 
Clutch: Rika Camelia Clutch €320 (on sale) (pre-owned)
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet
Bracelet: Ivory Botoga Large Bracelet DKK 299

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