From Knowledge to Habits

October, 3th

Crown Princess Mary visited the chilrden's care center Koglehuset in Holstebro. After her visit at Koglehuset Crown Princess Mary attended the Heart Children's Foundation Scholarship award in the Music Theatre in Holstebro.

Crown Princess Mary at the children's care center Koglehuset in Holstebro

In a great mood with a wide smile on her lips Mary arrived to Holstebro who was welcomed by Children's Heart Foundation Director Inge Vestbo and Children's Heart Foundation chairman Henning Dyremose who both were happy to see the Crown Princess and to start the From Knowledge to Habits project with her. The project is all about learning the children about healthy and good food habits. Teach them what is good for them to eat and the pleasure of getting exercise. Shortly after she arrived she was met by the centers children. Some of the kids were overwhelmed to see her and wonderful as she is, Mary took the time eye to eye to talk with many of the children. One happy smile from Mary and all kids loved her! This is why I adore Mary, because she take the time to get in contact with the kids. She is present in the moment. And of course, when the children made a little dance, Mary danced as well. Only a real princess does that! Her eyes sparkle when she is around children. Love, love, love.!

What first caught my attention about her look is the playful pink scarf. I'm pretty sure it's not the first time we see her wear it but the combo with the new grey Hennes & Mauritz (autumn 2011) jacket from their Conscious Collection it was even better. Two complementary colours. A great match if you ask me. The autumn 2011 conscious collection designed by Hennes & Mauritz is the most amazing collection contains lace work, floral print, wool jackets and feminine blouses. Just how I like it. I hadn't seen it coming that she would be wearing a jacket like this featuring a grey and black rivet pattern. I like it but to see her wear something like it surprised me. Because she is so feminine a little rivets makes a great balance. All fantastic matched with black trousers and heeled boots.

Jacket: Hennes & Mauritz Wool Jacket in Grey

Crown Princess Mary attended scholarship award in the Music Theatre in Holstebro

Right after the visited at Koglehuset, Mary went to the next job that day. She attended the Children's Heart Foundation scholarship award in the Music Theatre in Holstebro. The scholarships were given to three researchers conducting scientific work in the field of heart diseases affecting children. These three are Mads Damkjær, Niels Bjerregaard Matthiesen and Peter Agger. Shouldn't we thank them for their incredible work and congratulate them? Well here you have my congratulation and good luck with future projects. From a children's center to a scholarship award Mary chose to change clothes, which I understand. Neither of these outfits would be appropriate to each others events. So boots and jacket were changes to SAND Copenhagen pumps in black leather and thanks to Pernille and Lurdes we know she was know wearing a bouclé jacket from Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt (Pre-autumn 2013). Thanks! Around her neck she know also wore a little heart necklace in a small chain which I identified as the Danish brand Jewlscph. I recall her oldest daughter Princess Isabella to have worn the same or a least one similar to this a few years ago. Sweet that mother and daughter wear the same jewellery. Aww... Mary added her black Carlend Copenhagen clutch to the outfit. 

Jacket: Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt Bouclé Jacket in Grey and Black DKK 4,199
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen
Necklace: Jewlscph POWERhjerte 
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500


  1. The pink scarf obscures the HM jacket but she was outside at a kindergarten. I would like to see her wear the jacket without the scarf.
    Now the second outfit is so polished! She just tweaked her look a little and did something deceptively simple with her hair. I am very envious of her updos.

    1. I also think the pink scarf hides the beautiful jacket underneath. I would loooove to see it without

  2. The last jacket it´s Heartmade. Source:

  3. I'm not a fan of that pink scarf. It is not very flattering as it makes her look as though she has no neck. It also detracts from that beautiful jacket.