Day 2: Visit to Jordan

August, 22

Crown Princess Mary visit a center for abused women in Amman. The center is supported by two Danish organization; KVINFO and Danner. 1

Mary you are amazing! When she visited the center for abused women in Amman, the women were crying so heartbreaking to see. I fell their pain. Mary showed her sympathy and tried to comfort the women. They were hugging her all the time and kissing her on the checks. How to comfort someone who is so sad and have so many traumas? By listing. Show that you truly are interested. Exactly what Mary did. This scandinavian woman in her red dress and loose brown hair was so patient. All her attention was given to the women. To me the pictures speak for themselves. Again it's really not important what she's wearing, how expansive it is or anything. What I like it to see that she's wearing all reused stuff. Nothing overwhelming or too laud at all. This is the last day she is in Jordan but only two days really make a difference. 

Thanks for following her visit with me. 

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Dress: Strenesse 
Blazer: Ralph Lauren?
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands

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