Day 1: Visit to Jordan

August, 21

Crown Princess Mary and Christian Friis Bach, Minister of Development, visited Jordan and their refugees. The reason for their visit was to focus on the war in Syria and all the refugees who are suffering during this war. Crown Princess Mary are visiting refugee camps 1

This is such an important visit, not only for Denmark to have a Crown Princess who take the time to actually do a visit like this but also for all the over 120,000 refugees who are running for their lives and only try to survive. We all know how much these people suffer and it makes me so happy to know that Mary use her title as Crown Princess to support and help those people. Because they really need help. What I like when I see all the pictures from today and every other visit is the way Mary act. No one is too small or poor to get her attention. She talks to as many children and old people as possible. I think it is important to Mary that she see with her own eyes that the help she try to give actually help. We can't imagine how it is to be right there; look at those who badly need some help and as one person can't do a thing. With Mary we can. I respect her so much, to be open hearted and do something about the issues. To me Mary is more like a star. She know that there is photographers and journalists everywhere following every single step of hers and still she is down on the ground talking to the children and comfort them. All her attention is given to the refugees. To see one be surrounded by so many is incredible and almost impossible. I'm impress by her care and sympathy.  

It is important to me to give all attention to her job because this is about human life. That's why her clothes must go a side. A thing to mention is her clothes is not too laud. You find what I know about her look down below from the beginning of the day to a late evening event.

Day time outfit
Blouse/Tunic: Rabens Saloner Mini-Tie-Dye DKK 374.50
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Lumina
Bag: ChloĆ© Marcie Petite Bag DKK 3,355

"Mother and Daughters"
Bag: ChloĆ© Marcie Petite Bag DKK 3,355

Evening event
Blouse: Elise Gug ?
Skirt: CCDK


  1. I am a huge fan of Mary, but I am a little put off by the designer clothes she's wearing to visit people who are in such desperate circumstances. I don't even know if you should list this visit in your style record, because it shouldn't be about style at all.

    I've seen another picture where she's wearing a red chiffon dress (one she wore in London once) and again, it seems inappropriate to me. I see a lot of jewellery too. Sorry, but it's insensitive in my opinion.

    1. I have the same thoughts as you. Every time Mary visit as country like Jordan. When I wrote the post I also thought it was wrong to fokus on her clothes. Therefor it is also very important to me to express what an important work she does when she is on a trip like this. If you ask me she should maybe not wear so expensive jewelry but the few pieces she is wearing is old and she has reused it so many time and she has kept it very simple. I made this post because this is a site of Mary style. And hopefully I have at the same time showed how important her work is.
      - Henriette, Styleofmary

    2. I agree. It is totally inappropriate to dress this way when you are supposed to show sympathy for these poor people. So so shameful! She should know better than walking in a place like that in a silk dress, blazer and red high heels!

  2. I think I sent you the wrong bag, because the shape at the side is different and on her bag are two golden pieces at the front.
    Now I think it's this one:
    but in a brown color.

    @DreamHouse: I agree with you, that a royal should not wear too expensive pieces when they met poor people or people in such circumstances. We could have the same discussion about her visit in Brazil.
    But I don't think she does it wrong in this event. Because what she wears above isn't that expensive for a royal and here I don't see to much jewellery too.
    Her red dress was perhaps a few years ago expensive, but she has worn it at least five times before. Thus she does not show extravagance. Also this was a more formal meeting.
    Therefore: Wouldn't it be unpolite and disappointing, if she wore just cheap pieces, when those people are happy to meet a real princess once in a life time?! I think they expect someone who looks royal to her.
    I remember a situation about Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, when children were disappointed that she was wearing just normal clothes, when she met them...

    1. I have corrected the informations about the bag. Thanks for telling me and for the link.
      -Henriette, Styleofmary

  3. Great post!!!

    But, I'm sorry, I don't think it's the Hugo Boss blouse. Because at Mary's blouse we see ruffles till the lower end, also they are smaller...

    1. I'm glad you like the post!

      I think you are right about the blouse. According to Royal Outfits of Crown Princess Mary it is from Elise Gug. I'm still not sure.
      - Henriette, Styleofmary

  4. All of her clothes are designer clothes; she's a princess. It would be more inappropriate for he to buy all new "cheap" clothes for a humanitarian trip.