Day 4: Malaysia

May, 30

Program: Kuala Lumpur
  • 8:30 am. Speaking at Women Deliver Conference

At her third and last day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Crown Princess Mary delivered a speech during the only and last event at the Women Deliver Conference. She caught everyones attention with her speech. I fell, even though I have only seen the pictures that there were a very special atmosphere in the room when she gave her speech. She has a natural way of speaking to people of course at her national language, english. The english language is much more easy to use when to express yourself. Many more words to use. 

Because of one of my amazing readers I can give you the id. on her lovely white blouse she was wearing at this last day. It comes from Hugo Boss BOSS Black Autumn/Winter 2007/2008. It turns out that she has actually worn it before; my absolute favourite outfit! It was worn in a interview called Mads, Marie and the Crown Princess. The two children had the chance to met the Crown Princess, they both suffer from rare diseases. To you who would be interested in seeing this sweet and life-affriming interview (in danish) you find it here

The Hugo Boss blouse was worn with an reused Strenesse skirt made of silk and is from the 2007 collection. The earrings are from Jewlscph.

Thanks for following Mary's trip with me!

Earrings: Jewlscph Glam Flower DKK 23,299
Blouse: Hugo Boss
Skirt: Strenesse 

Update: Some new pictures from her trip to Malaysia have appeared and I would love to share them with you of course. It is always great to find new and unseen pictures that give us the chance to see a new outfit! I am not quite sure when and where the pictures were taken only that they are from this trip. It surprised me when I saw her look with the new Max Mara Studio dress featuring the print of cherry flowers, very delicate. It was my reader Jenny who I.D. it. Thanks! To the new dress she wore large gold Marianne Dulong earrings, a bright orange clutch and pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Great look!

Earrings + Pendant: Marianne Dulong Kharisma DKK 18.200 + Klokkehat
Dress: Max Mara Studio Beige Fungo Bow Print Dress
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Python Pumps in Grey


  1. Hi, the Blouse is form Hugo Boss. Old. I had the same, but I sold it because it was to big, like Marys. It is also to big on her. The Blouse ist 100 % Silk.

  2. To Anita:
    Thanks for the information about the blouse!I will try to find picture of it, but it is not easy :) Do you have any idea from which year it is from?
    - HDS