Confirmation of Prince Nikolai

May, 18

The 18th of May, Prince Nikolai of Denmark were confirmed. They oldest son of Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra, former Princess of Denmark. It all took place in church of Fredensborg. For a few minutes Prince Nikolai and his family was photografed on the stairs in front of Fredensborg. To celebrate Prince Nikolai were grandmother Queen Margrethe & granddad Prince Henrik, mother Countess Alexandra & father Prince Joachim, Alexandra's new husband Martin Jørgensen, Joachim's new wife Princess Marie, his two brothers Prince Felix and Prince Henrik.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary did also attend the celebration with their four children. Unfortunately, only a very few photos of the Crown Princess couple have been published.

Crown Princess Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attended the confirmation

I’m sorry that there has not been a post about this days after the 18th of May, but you might have seen that there has not been any pictures. I can now tell you some of what she was wearing because the Danish magazine Billed-Bladet showed some few pictures of the Crown Prince couple – just without the children. But she wore her pink hat made by Susanne Juul featuring a big pink flower and then she reused a dusty pink Prada dress. Back in 2009 (see picture below) she wore the same stunning dress. I really like all the small details. The hat is one we have seen her wearing for many years like in 2005 when she was pregnant with her first child, Prince Christian and visited the Faroe Islands.For sure I'm not the only one who would really love to have seen just a few pictures of the couple at the big day.

Hat + Flower: Susanne Juul
Dress: Prada

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attended the after party 

First I need to say it is not usual for Danish young people to have a after party the day they are confirmed, well Nikolai is a royal and of course he need a royal after party for his friends and family. This Frederik and Mary also took part in. A few pictures were taken when they arrived to the party and Mary was in a lovely dark emerald green suede Prada dress. The same as the one from the return dinner when we had an official state visit from Slovakia in 2012. You remember it? See it right here. As the first time she added a pair of dark green Jewlscph earrings and nude Prada pumps to the party outfit. Last we have the sea pearl bracelet made by Marianne Dulong.

Dress: Prada Green Suede Dress $245 (pre-owned)
Earrings: Jewlscph Noble Green Earrings DKK 11,499


  1. Gotta love Google Translate! 'Confirmated' isn't a real word. It should be 'confirmed', as the root word is the verb 'confirm'. :)

  2. To Casey:
    Not it is not. You are absolutely right! how embarrassing, sorry. I was pretty busy when I wrote the post. Once again sorry and now it is corrected.
    - HDS