Day 3: Malaysia

May, 29

  • 9:00 am. Attending Women Deliver Conference
  • 11:30 am. UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
  • 12:35 pm. Chin Center for Crafts
  • 1:30 pm. Karen Organization School
  • 2:30 pm. Women's Institue of Management
  • 7:30: pm. Business Gala dinner 1

Another day in Malaysia with everything some school visits and a prestige business gala dinner in the evening. The presents of Mary I think is really important, by being who she is and with her title as Crown Princess the conference get a entire new audience. The world is now aware of what she works for and which magnificent job help organizations does. I'm always overwhelmed by their job and how much they manage to do. Their help is so important, they save human lives.

Today Mary met so many people from young to old. She was a popular woman as always surrounded by someone. She gives so many so much joy by her present. Wearing bright colours our nordic princess caught attention like always. A white blouse featuring ruffles at front from Hugo Boss and a blue and white dotted Prada skirt with a matching belt was the clothes she wore. Once before on a trip to U.S.A couple of years ago we saw the exact same combination. White Sea pearl earrings are from Marianne Dulong, something Danish on her Malaysian trip. A funny thought just came to my mind; think about it how many countries she has brought with her this pair of Marianne Dulong earrings? If they could tell a story for each visit it would probably take years.

Mary added heeled Ralph Lauren sandals to this reused outfits. Since we saw it the first time I have been looking for the right model and designer. First I was so sure Christian Louboutin was the one who created because of a pictures I found, now I know for sure Ralph Lauren is the designer and he really did a great job with these. They are pretty and usable for any outfit even a trip abroad.

Blouse: Hugo Boss
Skirt: Prada
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: Ralph Lauren Beige Exotic Leather Heels SALE €250

Business Gala dinner

In the lights of the hundreds camera's Mary arrived to the dinner at 7:30 pm. local time to attend a business dinner in addition to her trip. The camera flash made her light up in the room despite the dark room she was welcomed in. So feminine she was dressed in a old pink Prada 2004 RTW Fall dress featuring a large V-neck and a pleated fabric. One of the first time she wore this was in 2008 when attending the Royal Lifeguard's 350th anniversary concert in Tivoli, Copenhagen. You see a picture of her from that event on the picture below. Then she wore it with a white cardigan - this time with no cardigan but lovely metallic silver accessories!

Lets start with the silver and diamond earrings, they are custom-made by Marianne Dulong for Mary. The Lotus earrings have a replaceable pendant. Beautifully she had added a metallic silver belt and a bracelet to the outfit. Mary completed the look with her stunning Prada pumps. I wouldn't mind be the owner of these pumps! I truly understand why everyone was amazed by her this night.

Tomorrow is her last day in Malaysia.

Dress: Prada Powder Pink Pleated Dress
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus
Shoes: Prada


  1. I Think her shoes are more Ralph Lauren, because I don't see a red sole at the pictures, that you need for Louboutin.
    This one from Ralph Lauren have a similar patern but in silver not in beige:

  2. To TH:
    In some pictures you can see a red sole, but not as red as the one on the Louboutin shoes. What makes me think it could be the Louboutin shoes is the strap on the top. And thanks for the link you sent me :)
    - HDS