'Under Bjælken' by Jens Andersen

On November 1st a new book is about to be released in Denmark. The book is portrait about the Crown Prince. It is written by author Jens Andersen on occasion of the future King's 50 birthday in 2018 and is called Under Bjælken -a portrait of Crown Prince Frederikhere. In eight chapters his story is told by himself, his wife, brother, parents, friends etc. Last Friday the Crown Prince received the very first copy of the book and on that occasion five photos have been published.

Almost immidietly the newly published book about the Crown Prince was out of stock. On the publisher's site it is still temporarily out of stock. Well, I found another thing made i relation to the publication. In collaboration with the author Jens Andersen, he created a list on Spotify including 159 of his favourite songs representing his life. So, if you didn't get your hands on the book. Then listen to some of his favourite songs instead, here.

II Update
It is about two weeks ago the new book was launched and it still got people's attention -mine as well. I haven't read it yet but hopeful I will. Some of those who purchased the book already shared some wonderful pictures with the rest of us. Frederik et Mary reposted them, here. Makes me want the book even more. Did any of you purchase it? 


  1. Henriette:

    I guess I am like you, with all the teasing about the book, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. However, I might not be able to for a while because having search all over, I was unable to find any indication that it will be translated into English anytime soon. If you should here of it being published in English, please let us know.

    Thank you ever so much.



    1. I would really like to get my hands on a copy! It is on my wish list for Christmas, so I keep my fingers crossed. Unfortunately, I do not think the book will be translated into English. But maybe the success will change some minds? -I will let you know if I hear something.