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Saturday, November 25th

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It is with great pleasure I look forward to watch the Crown Prince couple's Prizes each year. This year is no exception. But more about the award show in my upcoming post. Now it is all about a visit somewhere else in Silkeborg. A Dane caught the couple arriving by train to Silkeborg, here, before they were about to visit Museum Jorn, here. The museum is dedicated to the Danish painter Asger Jorn and his masterpieces. 

Arriving to the museum in Silkeborg, the Crown Prince couple were warmly welcomed with flags, smiles, flowers and lots of greetings. Despite the cold many Danes showed up to get a glimpse of the couple, who took plenty of time meeting as many as possible before entering the museum. The royal couple got the chance to see the regular exhibition and the latest exhibition by the American artist Cindy Sherman. They were given a guided tour around the museum where they were introduced to, among other things, Jorn's very experimental approach to art. Agser Jorn is differently an artist, who has become famous for his own way of making art, here.

Before or after the Crown Prince couple visited the Museum Jorn, they participated a rehearsal for tonight's award show taking place in Jysk Musikteater in Silkeborg, here.

When the couple visited the museum in Silkeborg, Mary dazzled in a black an burgundy outfit perfectly matching the season and weather. She embrace a chic and stylish look by wearing a pair of brand new trousers in burgundy. I have already had several requests and seen many more. Therefor, I am a proud to tell you that I was actually able to identify them as Hugo Boss. She paired the new trousers with a black knitted blouse, which remain unidentified. But if you like the style Aiayu got a similar model also owned by Mary, here. Thought they look very much the same; it's not the case. Aiayu confirmed that to me in an email on a previous occasion. 

When arriving she wore a good old piece from Prada styled with a brand new brooch. When it comes to other jewellery worn during the visit, I see a pair of earrings which could be from Hartmann's and a few rings. The brooch is a creation by Marni.

Both pointed ankle boots from Hugo Boss, burgundy leather gloves and nail polish matched the rest of the outfit with such perfection. Makes me wanna try something similar. Frederik also looked very handsome in his navy trousers, beige sweater and brown blazer. They just make a great couple.

Coat // Prada
Trousers // Hugo Boss Relaxed-Fit Trousers
Brooch // Marni, here
Shoes // Hugo Boss Ellen

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