"European Region 64 Regional Committee" meeting

Monday, September 15th

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of the European Region 64 Regional Committee meeting as patron of the World Health Organization. 

On a windy Monday, the Crown Princess arrived to UN town, Copenhagen, to attend the opening of European Region 64 Regional Committee meeting. Mary attended the opening of the conference as patron of the World Health Organization (WHO). At the arrival she was warmly welcomed with several handshakes and of course a beautiful bouquet with white and blue flowers. As guest of honor it was Mary's job to open the conference with a speech, which clearly caught everybody's attention. During the meeting the Crown Princess had found her seat next to Director-General of WHO Margaret Chan. 

As always, Mary was really well-dressed! Very sophisticated and chic at the same time. Love how she turned classic pieces into this smashing outfit. A real business woman, exactly what it takes to be the representative for the World Health Organization. What she did was matching a black belted jacket, beautifully shapes and a printed Hugo Boss pencil skirt. Don't know if you own a pencil skirt, but I am convinced every woman can wear them. I am so inspired by what she wore at the meeting. Really lovely. She embrace the classy style by wearing her black pointed SAND Copenhagen pumps, diamond earrings and a couple of rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and a golden Shamballa Jewls bracelet. Simple, but stunning. Think like most women have something with shoes and handbags. I certainly do. Never can never get enough. Not sure I will ever be able to buy bags as expensive as Mary, but it is allow to dream -isn't it? Especially this Prada handbag is on my wish list. Amazing design, wonderful details; just so luxurious. 

Skirt: Hugo Boss Vilinia
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Winter Frost
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle White Diamond Pavé
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Band Ring
Bag: Prada Saffinao Cuir
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

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