Children's Relay 2014

Saturday, June 14th
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Crown Princess Mary attended the Children's Relay 2014 in Fælledparken, Copenhagen as patron of the Mary Foundation who arranged the relay along with Save the children. 

Børnestafet 2014 / Children's Relay 2014
... was founded in 2008. It has been an upcoming event every year since. The project is made in collaboration with The Mary Foundation and Save The Children (Red Barnet) focuses on bullying among children. The relay is a way to reach out to children and teach them how to be a good friend, respect each other and have the courage to act. Read more about the relay here.

Along with Free of Bullying's mascot, the purple teddy bear Mary handed over golden medals to all the children who crossed the finish line after participating in the Children's relay 2014 in Fælledparken, Copenhagen. It has become a tradition for her, as patron of the Mary Foundation, to attend the relay which has taken place since 2008, so this is the 7th Children's relay. This is differently something I look forward to every year because Mary is always having so much fun. Makes me smile to see how happy the kids are to get a medal from a real princess. Priceless moments. She arrived shortly before the relay was just about to begin, where she was welcomed by among others director Helle Østergaard of the Mary Foundation, their mascot and some of the prominent people who also attended. To me it feels like something Mary sincerely enjoy; meeting children, see their commitment and how much they enjoy participating. That would make any mother happy. She and all the participating children, before the relay began, worked out to good music. Love she does not hesitate and do exactly what everybody else is doing all surround by kids. Wonderful day for all of them wonderfully captured in pictures by Agnés Colbert.   

Photo @Agnés Colbert

Photo @Agnés Colbert

Photo @Agnés Colbert

Few days ago, Mary celebrated her father-in-law in France wearing a new bright green maxi dress from Ilse Jacobsen which instantly became popular! When Mary showed up yesterday at the Children’s relay 2014 in Fælledparken she also wore a brand new outfit. Seems like it’s time for her to add some new pieces to her wardrobe. Pretty sure we get to see many new pieces we haven't seen before. A few things she wore are reused, as the old aquamarine blue Marianne Dulong earrings, the golden Shamballa Jewels bracelet, the lovely tanned bag from Chloé and the tiny diamonds band from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Then of course you have already noticed that Mary was wearing brand new sunglasses. Here I can't hide my excitement; I simply love them! Everything about them is perfect -the 50's cat eye shape, brown leopard print, everything is so stylish. Who designed them? Well the great Madonna did for Dolce & Gabbana. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything similar to the blue blouse nor trousers she wore but from the photos I have, I know the black jacket is from Prada, of course (take a look at the pic below). Mary also wore these new ballet flats featuring a laser-cut pattern and rivets. Maybe you recognize the style? If not, then maybe if I tell you that these are from Alaïa. I had a little trouble finding out where her rather new golden necklace is from. At first I thought Marianne Dulong but then Pernille told be to look at Orit Elhanati. Bingo!

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Jacket: Prada
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana  DG 4175
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Piccolo Onoma Bracelet
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring

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