Meeting with Children, Youth and Grief

Tuesday, May 27th

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Crown Princess Mary attended a meeting, as patron, with the organization Children, Youth and Grief which took place in Copenhagen. 

Children, Youth and Grief / Børn, Unge og Sorg
... an organization offering free support and treatment for children and young people, under the age of 28, with a parent or sibling who is seriously ill or died. Children, Youth and Grief also educates professionals to handle these different and emotional situations that might occur for children and young people with a seriously ill family member. Read and support their work here

In a fairy young age, 25, when Mary was just about to start a life on her own, she lost her mother - Henrietta Donaldson. A tragic experience for every child and young person, so for her to become patron for Children, Youth and Grief is ideal. She knows about their situation and how difficult it sometimes can be to have a parent or sibling who is seriously ill or died from a seriously disease. This and much more she discussed on a meeting she attended in Copenhagen along with representatives from the organization. She arrived in a great mood; the sun was shining and it was about to become a good day. She was kindly welcomed and given a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the arrival before she entered the building to hear more about her work as patron for the organization. During the several hours long meeting she met volunteer and participate in a therapy group for young people with complicated grief. It all happened behind closed doors, in private. When she was about to leaves, she, as usual, gave the time to say hallo to people and greet them before she entered her car and drove back to Amalienborg. Looking at her face and what I have read, she has had a really good day. Humble as she is, I guess that she was very observant and took the time to listen to everybody during the meeting. Later a photo was published on their Facebook page, here, describing what a wonderful day it had been. 

Photo @Agnés Colbert

Photo @Agnés Colbert

Photo @Agnés Colbert

Because of the fantastic sunny and warm weather it was when Mary attended the meeting with Children, Youth and Grief in Copenhagen, she had chosen the best outfit: a lovely creamy white lace peplum, printed pink trousers and beige accessories, which by the way perfectly matched her lady-in-waiting. It was with help from Royal outfits of Crown Princess Mary I learned that her new (I assume it's new because I can't recall having seen it before) lace peplum, which I truly love, is from the Danish brand Rosemunde Copenhagen. Really some fabulous details on that blouse! I wouldn't mind wearing it myself. Combined with the pink trousers the blouse looks stunning. I wasn't sure about the blouse, but I know we have seen her wear the trousers more than once -in 2012, here, when she attended the circus along with Prince Christian and Princess Isabella and then in 2013, here, at an official visit to Chile accompanied by her husband. Still I do not know where they are from. They feature the most incredible pattern. Do you happen to know where they are from? If so, then I would love to hear from you about your findings. With earrings from Marianne Dulong and a single diamond band from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen she had chosen a discreet way of accessorizing this outfit. Despite I see the logo of her new Prada bag I haven't been able to find the right model yet. Maybe you can help. A bit more interesting is her shoes. I can't tell if her beige pointed pumps are new I do not recognize them. The style could be Prada but I am not sure, but I would so much like to find out where they are from. This is differently and outfit I would wear at work.

Blouse: Rosemunde Copenhagen Cloud Dancer
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Bag: Prada


  1. The top is from Rosemunde

    1. Thanks! I had no idea where to look for the blouse and especially not Rosemunde because I haven't heard about it before ;)

  2. Replies
    1. ABSOLUTELY! A great summer outfit :)