Day 1: Coronation of a New King in the Netherlands

April, 29

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands hosted the last dinner as Queen at Rijksmiseum in Amsterdam. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the dinner as VIP guests.

This is a big day waiting for the Crown Prince Couple of the Netherlands tomorrow and for all of us! We can't imagine what thoughts are going through their mind the last few hours as Crown Prince and Crown Princess, of course they know all about how to behave and act but in the future it will be as King and Queen of the Netherlands. Now they have to represent the Netherlands and its people on their own. A duty I'm sure they'll handle very well, with what they have shown so far I know King Willem-Alexander and his wonderful wife Queen Máxima have all it takes to become good representatives for their country. They have also had several years of practice. I came as a surprise to me when I heard the news that Queen Beatrix was abdicate and giving the next generation the throne. But I understand her, she has several years left and why not be there to see once son become King, something you have prepared him for his entire life and she'll also be a great support for them when they have a situation they don't know how to handle, then she'll be able to guide them. I think it's a good decision.

Of course it's even better that Frederik and Mary are attending the ceremony also tonight at the VIP gala dinner for most members of the royal families in Europe. At this exclusive gala dinner plenty of royal members arrived with their husband and wife dressed perfectly for this occasion. Walking on the bright red carpet with each other close Frederik and Mary arrived to the dinner and I have to say Mary showed herself in the best way tonight wearing an all new custom-designed Birgit Hallstein gown featuring the most outstanding details in handmade beadwork on the upper body of the powder pink floor-length dress. It's so beautiful with the long sleeves and lace-like fabric on the top. A belt in the waist made of the same as the skirt gave her a womanly shape. Birgit Hallstein is a great designer who knows who to get the best of women's figure. It was the same designer who made Mary's fantastic wedding dress in 2004. I don't wonder why she chose her to make this special dress!

Mary topped off the outfit wearing her diamond wedding tiara and earrings. The clutch is the iconic Bottega Veneta knot clutch and her powder satin pumps is from Prada. In the combination with the princess-looking gown for me a Queen was born! Next to Frederik in his traditional and classic suit with the black bow tie the won the price as the most magnificent couple of the evening. 

Gown: Birgit Hallstein Pink Embroidred Gown
Clutch: Bottega Veneta Satin Knot Clutch
Tiara: Wedding Tiara
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: Prada Powder Satin Pumps

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