Day 2: Official State Visit from Finland

April, 5
Photo by Agnès Colbert

  • 12:30 pm. Lunch at the Danish Parliament
  • 5:50 pm. Dinner in Moltkes Palace hold by the Presidential couple 
The President of Finland
  • 10:00 am. Visiting Velux Denmark
  • 10:45 am. Visiting the Danish Parliament and the Prime Minister
  • 2:10 pm. Sightseeing by boat with Crown Prince Frederik
Mrs. Jenni Haukio
  • 10:50 am. Visit at Galerie Mikael Andersen 
  • 2:15 pm. Visiting Royal Copenhagen Flagship store

Mary's only arrangement for yesterday was the dinner at Moltkes Palace. Surprisingly she showed up next to Frederik in a creamy white design from Hennes & Mauritz's latests collection Conscious Exclusive 2013, their sustainable collection - which means the clothes are made of organic cotton, recyclable polyester and nylon. The dress features a wonderful and stylish embroidery of among others birds on the back. It's in two lengths which is the highest fashion right now. In her own brilliant way she manage to to grab the latest trend and make is more 'Mary'. A reason why she's a idol to me; she does make no compromises with what she likes. Her hair was in a low chignon, made the custom-made Cenius & Bach earrings visible. The chignon is a personal favourite and I want to give all of you the opportunity to try it by yourself. There's a million way to make it; messy, curly, clean, simple, romantic, modern etc. I found this which reminds me a lot of Mary's, good luck with the hairstyling everybody and remember sometimes it takes more then one try to get it work! Clutch and pumps matched in a beige patent colour. 

Dress: Hennes & Mauritz White Embroidered Dress
Earrings: Cenius & Bach Royal Earrings
Shoes: Prada


  1. I LOVE this dress. I normally hate these high-low hemlines, but this! this! I love! Any idea where to find it? I am still on the look out for the floral green H&M conscious collection dress she wore a few years ago.

  2. To Allison Hasel:
    I would NEVER buy a dress like this, because of my height. But I really think it looks amazing on Mary! You can buy it on HM's homesite to $299.
    The green floral dress was also fantastic, but unfortunatly I don't think you can buy it anymore. Maybe if you look at or sites like that you will find it ;)I hope you will.

    - HDS

  3. I LOVE that dress. How come I cant find it on the danish h&m site? Do you know? Is it not in stores yet maybe?

  4. To Mariam:
    I have noticed the same, I can't find the dress on the Danish site. I know that the collection will only be sold in a few stores in Denmark, so maybe you are lukcy to live near one of these stores. But I think the dress also will be available on the Danish HM site.
    - HDS

  5. I love that pair of shoes.. Wanna have that too someday.. LOL

    I love this blog and I want to recommend this to my friends..

    Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!