Day 1. Birthday celebration in Norway

Tuesday, May 9th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are present at the 80th birthday celebration of King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway. The celebration takes place on May 9-10th in Oslo. 

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary arriving to Oslo, Norway

So, I had planned the last couple of days for weeks. I was more than ready to follow every step of the birthday celebration in Norway, where most of the world's royals attended. But unfortunately, I had to use my time otherwise. So now I have pretty much to catch up with. Hope you are still in the celebration mood!

Both Queen Margrethe, the Crown Prince couple, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie and Queen Anne-Marie all attended the big birthday at the royal castle in Oslo. They were all staying at the royal yacht Dannebrog, here. The Crown Prince couple arrived to Norway by plain Tuesday afternoon where they were welcomed by the rest of the family aboard the yacht. Frederik and Mary arrived in a great mood with wide smiles on their faces. And really, two 80th birthday's that is differently  something to look forward to! Not only members of the Danish royal family were invited to King Harald and Queen Sonja's celebration; royals from both the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Great Britain etc. were all invited. And we all know what this means -lots of beautifully dressed men and women!

Even at the arrival Mary rocked the most incredible outfit I have seen for a long time. We only got a few pictures of the couple arriving to Dannebrog, docked in Oslo harbor. She embrace a classy and chic style by wearing slim red trousers, matching new studded Valentino pumps and a new black lace blouse. Also a black coat to makes everything look even more perfect! In a way it looks like her old Prada coat but I'm not quite sure. Now you know my thoughts about it. Nor have I been able to ID trousers and that black lace blouse. What I do know is the identity of the sunglasses, which are from Dolce & Gabbana, such as the bag is. Both pieces we have seen couple of times before. Think we were first introduced to the sunglasses at The Children's Relay in 2014, here. Black and red has always been a great combo and it still is! Looking closer, one of my readers Kate, suggested that Mary could be wearing a pair of new golden earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Think she is absolutely right. Do you see what we see? Don't know what your first thought's were when you first saw this great look, but I really want to try something similar with my green trousers. Wait, do I have matching shoes?

Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana  DG 4175
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Luna Earrings
Bag: Dolce & Gabbana Miss Escape Tote Bag in Black
Shoes: Valentino Garavani Rockstud Pumps

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attending gala dinner

The evening we have all been waiting for in a very, very long time. Am I right? Royal members from everywhere were gathered in Oslo, Norway, to celebrate the King and Queen on their 80th birthday. This means, of course, a big and overwhelming gala dinner which took place at the royal palace in Oslo. Before the dinner was about to begin, the norwegian people were gathered in front of the palace to honor and celebrate their King and Queen. The Norwegian royal family showed on the balcony along with several other of their guest, among others, the Crown Prince couple, Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Palovs and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana of Greece, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. All these and many more also attended the gala dinner afterwards.

Two and two did all the guest arrive, ready for a wonderful evening with good food, wine, speeches and music. The Crown Princess curtain was Prince Albert of Monaco whom she arrived with to the gala dinner. Her husband, Crown Prince Frederik, was joined by former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands during the dinner. I am sure it was a spectacular evening. I've seen and heard so much about the speeches and they have highly been praised. I really think King Harald and Queen Sonja enjoyed the evening in company with friends and family from near and far. 

Royal birthdays (often) means gala dinners, which means many breathtaking evening gowns. I really have to say, I think we got to see so many stunning gowns at the dinner! I am very impressed. Love how the royal women got all creative with colours, silhouette, prints and patterns. I can not hide how impressed I am of Mary's outfit. Everything is so well put together. Everything colour-matches and looks just magnificent. At the gala dinner Mary wore a brand new evening gown in the most amazing rose gold (?) colour featuring a very interesting pattern. It didn't take long for one of you to identify her new dress and it was found at Max Mara. First I had the feeling that her new gown was custom made but that was obviously wrong. Over her shoulder the Crown Princess wore an old embroidered cape from Julie Fagerholt Heartmade (think it is from SS09, here) seen quite some times before, thought it is years ago, herehere. A stunning piece of work just as the gown! Perfectly matching she has chosen one of her pink clutches; one I still do not know a thing about. Seen a few times before but never identified. We were introduced to the tiara about a year ago or so, and later it was found at an auction along with a pair of earrings -not the ones she are wearing here. Makes a great match to the rest of the outfit, don't you think? Also see a few golden bracelets, but non I can identify. My guess is that she was wearing pastel pink pumps. Why wouldn't she? I am simply amazed by everything.

Gown: Max Mara Jacquard Dress, Caramel
Cape: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade Embroidered Cape


  1. The crown princess did not disappoint but I am very excited to learn about and also to see up close her new pieces of jewelry. This gold earrings look rather interesting, but there is more!!!! To be continued...

    1. The Crown Princess rarely disappoint and for sure not at the gala dinner! Everything looks just magnificent :)