Day 2. Birthday celebration in Norway

Wednesday, May 10th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a gala dinner at the Opera house on occasion of King Harald and Queen Sonja's 80th birthday celebration in Oslo, Norway. 

What a wonderful gala dinner the day before! It has been amazing to follow the Crown Prince couple's whereabouts. During the second day in Oslo all guests were invited to lunch at the norwegian yacht Norge which took place in the noon. One by one did they arrive, dressed rather casual yet stylish. I especially like Crown Princess Victoria in her pink jacket and white sneakers! What a treat. Unfortunately, we did not get to see the Danish royal family arrive along with the rest. Therefor we have no pictures. What a shame, I'd love to have seen them at the arrival. At first I thought they didn't attend the lunch, but apparently they arrived directly from the Danish royal yacht Dannebrog.

As earlier in the morning it rained when they were all invited to attend one last dinner taking place at the Opera in Oslo. One more time, we were spoiled with lots of wonderful outfits! In the evening when the dinner was about to start, all guests arrive. Crown Prince Frederik was, of course, accompanied by his wife Crown Princess Mary, the same goes with Prince Joachim who attended the dinner along with Princess Marie. They two of them did not attend the big gala dinner the evening before, but was staying at Dannebrog along with the rest of the Danish royal family. Last but not least, Queen Margrethe arrived in company with her youngest sister Queen Anne-Marie. Inside, the Opera was beautifully decorated and ready to provide a framework for yet another spectacular dinner. I am in no doubt that King Harald and Queen Sonja have had some wonderful days!

I'm sure my heart skipped a heartbeat! What a look. The Crown Princess was simply magnificent at the dinner at the Opera house. I can't point a finger on anything that looks bad. Personally, I love this outfit way more than the one from the gala dinner. But that is just my personal opinion. Wow, I'm just speechless. Mary in this new Erdem dress is the most beautiful sight. The dress was very quickly identified by Heaven and Gabriele. Thanks to both of you! Really, take one more look at the dress. The floral print is simply outstanding. She accessorized the evening outfit with silver glitter pumps from Gianvito Rossi (seen a several occasions), matching new earrings and a hairpin shaped like leaves. The pin is very similar to the one she wore in 2013 when visiting Germany, here. It is with great pleasure I tell you that her new earrings have been found on an Bruun Rasmussen auction from 2016! K. is the one to inform me about this finding and I can't believe how she did it. Often I have a feeling that Mary's unidentified jewellery (in this quality) are purchased on auction, but I'm really not any good at finding it. So this is just amazing! They are even more beautiful when you get a closer look, here (page 254-255). I was also aware that Mary wore a brand new ring, but I couldn't ID which one. With a few close ups and a little help from K. this could also have been found at the same auction, here (page 253). I'm all over the moon right now!

She also wore a reused black clutch. As a few other pieces, I do not know who designed it but I have guess -Sergio Rossi. Take a look at the one I have found and tell me what you think. I know it is not the same, though I think there are certain similarities. Can't wait to hear what you have to say. Mary embrace the glamours look with wavy hairstyle, bright red lips and beautiful eye makeup! I really hope to see this dress (soon!) again. With an outfit like this, I know why I still find her style inspiring!

Dress: Erdem Agnes Printed Silk Dress
Earrings: Diamond Pendant Earrings
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Metallic Gitter Pumps

It could be from...
Clutch: Sergio Rossi Metallic Water Snake Clutch
Ring: Sapphire Diamond Ring


  1. ...continued. I am still very excited about the new jewelry worn by the crown princess in Norway. These earring are the pièce de résistance in my estimation- nothing beats white diamonds except perhaps a waterfall of cascading white diamond with a supporting cast: hair of soft waves and side sweep with a diamante comb and the perfect long sheath dress. I also saw a large cocktail ring with a blue stone that may be sapphire or London blue topaz. Is anyone else wondering if the earrings are part of a parure?

    Henriette: Thanks for the coverage which was worth waiting on as, no one covers the Crown Princess like you do! Well done!



    1. I am glad you find it worth waiting for my posts. It means to world to me, you like what I do. Time was not on my side and I had to prioritize my how to spend my days. but I love how the posts turned out.

      As you, I am completely overwhelmed by her beauty at the dinner. Clothes, hairstyle, makeup and accessories are very well put together! Can't wait to see those earrings and that big blue sapphire ring again. Something a girl like me can only dream of.

      Hope you have seen my latest update about the jewellery? -from what I know, the earrings are not a part of a parure, but that would have been even more amazing :)

  2. Henriette:

    Thanks for the update in the galleries. Of course, the crown princess has built a beautiful collection of personal jewelry. Her newer pieces going back to last year's (tiara/necklace w/matching earrings) together with these two newer pieces are worthy of "crown jewels" status. Her two girls will have a lot to chose from when they raid Mom's jewelry box! We can already see that they are imitating the crown princess with the way they wear jewelry. Case in point, I recently saw a photo of little Princess Josephine layering bracelets!. Too cute!!!



    1. You are very welcome! I love being able to, now and then, share pictures with you -even though it is not many. I have come to love my galleries and they are here to stay, that is for sure.
      The Crown Princess indeed has a marvelous collection of jewellery and it's getting bigger and bigger. These new diamond earrings, just to mention one example. I am in no doubt that, when her daughters are getting older they are allowed to borrow pieces from her collection. Imagine to have Mary as mother with her wardrobe? Well, I wouldn't mind receiving fashion-tips from her ;)