Danmarks Indsamling 2016

Saturday, February 5th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were present at the Danmarks Indsamling 2016 which took place in the Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen.

Danmarks Indsamling 2016
Each year 12 humanitarian organizations goes along with Danmarks Radio (DR) to raise money for some of the world's poorest countries - Africa, Asia and Latin America. This collection will help to meet UN's 17 development goals which Crown Princess Mary also support working with Women Deliver. Both public organizations and private help to achieve these goals. No. 1 is to end extreme poverty and halve all other part os poverty by 2030. Danmarks Radio hosted Danmarks Indsamlingen for the first time in 2007. Read more about the fundraising here

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One of the biggest fundraising projects we have in Denmark and of course the Crown Prince couple showed their commitment to support the world's poorest countries with their appearance at the annual Danmarks Indsamling 2016 in the Tivoli Concert Hall in Copenhagen. The show was live broadcasted on Saturday February 6th on Dr1 for not less than five hours. Whether or not the couple stayed their till the end I'm not sure about. For years they have been present at the show and like Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, they gave a large amount of money to show their support. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik's Foundation contributed with DKK 500,00 to the collection and Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's Foundation with DKK 250,000, in total DKK 750.000. Since 2007 the foundation of Frederik and Mary have contributed with over DKK 1.3 million to humanitarian fundraising and nearly DKK 1.9 million from Margrethe and Henrik's fund. It's clear that our royal family put it out loud that they want to help developing countries. The couple arrived at the Tivoli Concert Hall shortly before the show was about to begin, both in high spirits. After a few photos in front of the press, the couple found their seats and they both seemed to enjoy spending a Saturday evening among the audience. Many different artists came to entertain the royal couple and the rest of Denmark's population and of course the audience in the Concert Hall. During the show people could call and donate money for the good cause. Many celebrities were ready to take any call and talk to those who wanted to donate money. Many of these Mary and Frederik greeted, gave hugs and heard all sorts of stories from Danes they had talked to during the evening. For sure you have seen the wonderful photo where Frederik get the chance to take some calls and Mary getting a hug from her dear friend Caroline Fleming. Wish I was the one calling and getting Frederik on the phone! I love that he did that. Finally after five hours it was reviled how much money had been gathered for the good cause of supporting some of the world's poorest countries: 97,870,606! Nearly DKK 98 million! That's truly amazing. Well done Denmark!!!!

Black is the ultimate evening colour. The little-black-dress is immortal such as its colour. Though the colour symbolizes lots of different thing, it's a colour that works no matter what you are attending and wherever you are going. Clearly something Mary knows which may be why she chose to wear only black at Saturday's show in Tivoli's Concert Hall. Because she has worn it once before, she knows that it works and that she looks good in what she's wearing. A winner for sure. Back in November 2015 when she attended DR Ultra Gala's It's Nice to be Nice show in Sønderborg we saw her in a similar black suit with the matching Julie Fagerholt Heartmade lace blouse. Not much was different, actually what I see it's only her hair that's different. The cap-toe pumps is from Gianvito Rossi which was just a little visible because of the length of her trousers. Her round diamond earrings  shone in the flashlight of the cameras, wauw. These earrings is by the way a perfect item in your basic jewellery box. Wearable at any occasion, day and night. Proudly Carlend Copenhagen has shared a picture of Mary on their Instagram of course because she was wearing their beautiful Vanessa clutch. So when did she wear it the most beautiful with: Hairdo vs. Curly? I kinda like it with the curly hair because it makes her so feminine but the hairdo makes her really elegant. I think this is a tough one.

Blouse: Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt Jula DKK 2,999
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Metal Mesh Cap-Toe Pumps

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