A donation to the Maternity Foundation

Tuesday, February 2nd

Crown Princess Mary received a donation from Inner Wheel, here, to the Maternity Foundationhere, because of her patronage. It took place at Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg.


Since 2010 the Crown Princess has been patron of the Maternity Foundation -a Danish developed organization with the vision "no women should die giving life". With this strong vision, it's clear how the foundation want to try to change the world. It was a very smily Crown Princess, who greeted CEO of the Maternity Foundation Anna Frellsen, former international CEO of Inner Wheel Suzanne Nielsen and Convention Coordinator at Inner Wheel Benedicte Haubro for the donation. As patron, she received a donation from Inner Wheel on DKK 100,000 to support the work of the Maternity Foundation. I am in no doubt when I say, I believe the Crown Princess was very honored to receive the donation and of course to represent the Maternity Foundation on a big day like this.

Her smily face must have been the first thing everyone noticed when entering the room at Amalienborg. Shiny as her smile is the blouse she was wearing. I can't really tell what colour it is -champagne, golden or rose gold? Nevertheless, it perfectly matched her stunning makeup. With help from Kate the blouse has been identified as Hugo Boss (Collection: HUGO by Hugo Boss) and not JOSEPH as I first thought. I am wrong too. She beautifully matched it with a brand new black skirt, also identified as Hugo Boss (Collection: BOSS by Hugo Boss). I really hope we are going to see her wear that skirt again. She embraced the style by wearing earrings from Figaros Bryllup and a golden Georg Jensen bracelet. Seems to be her favourite right now, such as wearing red nail polish. Love how her outfit turned out. Just so polished and chic. Unfortunately, we did not get a picture that shows any shoes. I think she could wear pumps in nude, beige or possibly black. I go with black. What do you say? Do you also wanna see this outfit again some day?

Blouse: Hugo Boss Silk-Blend Blouse: Cilja-1
Skirt: Hugo Boss Skirt with Elastane: Vapila
Earrings: Figaros Bryllup Earrings
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Gold


  1. Hello:

    It seems to me there are but two photos of this event, which is a shame. However, having looked at them for a while I think she is perhaps wearing a berry lip stain with a frosty pink gloss over the top to mute the berry shade. I think the choice of berry ties in with her nail polish which looks like dark red or maroon. I could be totally off base of course, and if I am, then treat the description as an option to brown.

    As for the choice of apparel, I think the crown princess has been channeling her inner corporate executive all of the past week, with the choice of type and color of tops, bottoms and outerwear. I like it a lot and I am sure we will no doubt see these pieces turn up again this year mixed with other pieces in her closet. I have also noticed that she is opting for shoes and earrings to bring in a pop of color --my take away from this week's fashion choices. Last but not least I am truly loving the long blue trench coat (blue being a color that crown princess seem to like and wears so well) with the inner piece that buttons on the inside which gives the coat a truly distinctive look!

    Best regards,


    1. You are right, with the lack of pictures from this event it might me difficult to describe what colour of lipstick she is wearing. If you take a look at Kongehuset's link in the beginning of the post you actually see some HQ photos that gives you a clue but still the light is different in every single photos. I think it may be a little too brown/pink to be called berry, to me that colour should be more red....?

      For sure we have seen some really amazing outfits the last few weeks and many new pieces have been added to her wardrobe. Some which I truly hope we will get the chance to see again. They are all timeless and makes a great supplement to the rest of her closet. So I think it's only a matter of time when we will see her wearing these items again. Many seems to have fallen in love with her new Fonnesbech coat, which I of douse did as well worn during the opening of the Copenhagen Fashion Week. What I adore the most about this outfit is her grey trousers matched with the powder pink ruffle blouse and leopard pumps. One amazing outfit! Something I can't wait to try myself! ;)