The Heart Association's Research Scholarship

Monday, January 11th

Crown Princess Mary attended the Heart Association's Research Scholarship (Hjerteforeningens Forskningslegater) at Hotel d'Angleterre in Copenhagen.

The Heart Association / Hjerteforeningen
The Heart Association / Hjerteforeningen is the second largest organization in Denmark working with research on cardiovascular diseases, such as prevention of heart diseases and patient support. They have more than 136,000 members. The association is a private organization working for donations and they provide financial support to Danish research with about DKK 25 million. Their four main values: to Courage - Recovery - Proximity - Credibility. Read more about the Heart Association / Hjerteforeningen here 1

As promised you now get an more detailed update on Mary's day with the The Heart Association. You already know the reason why because with no computer and no internet it's difficult to write on the blog. That makes pretty good sense, right? With both of these things, I'm now ready to make you the post you deserve. My post from yesterday was way to simple and I haven't got a chance to look for any details. Now I'm updated which you also soon will be. From the second Mary arrived to the exclusive Hotel d'Angleterre in Copenhagen, I as well as other medias noticed that she was in a excellent mood. Her whole body language smiled from her eyes to mouth. As patron of The Heart Association Mary is the perfect person to hand over the Heart Associations Research Scholarships to three heart researchers. She was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the same colours as her outfit by a flower girl, her heart sick sister and little brother. These were not the only children by whom she was welcomed because when she arrival she was given a huge hug by the children. When I first saw this picture my heart melted! It's not that we never see Mary give someone a hug, it's the fact that this hug look so sincerely. Mary was smiling all over the face. This just made me so happy to see. She was also photographed with the children who gave her a hug at the arrival and a little teddy in red trousers and a blue knitted hat. She also had a little chat with the children who is so called 'heart children' (hjertebørn) who have different kind of heart disease. Some of them Mary have met before on other occasions as her role as patron. Before handing over the scholarship she gave a speech on the stage in front of all participants, a speech that impressed everybody. She made it clear how much it means to her to be a part of the Heart Association's work. The three researchers who received a scholarship this year are Majbritt Tang Svendsen, Jes Sandal Lindholt and Lars Idorn. Congratulation to all three of them. I do not know how, but they have certainly helped to make the web break discoveries and advances in the case of research with heart diseases.

Et billede slået op af The Danish Royal Family (@crownprincessmary_denmark) den

I think you are as surprised as I am when we talk about clothes, am I right? Really I can't describe why I was so surprised but it's something about the combination of the different items and of course colours. I adore the burgundy layer skirt mixed with the dark navy blue blouse, which we by the way have seen her wear in white at one or two occasions. I once suggested that this blouse is from Baum und Pfergarden but it's not. In a mail I had it confirmed. So, do you my wonderful readers got an idea who the designer could be of her new blouse? I hope to hear from you! I kinda like the way this outfit turned out with the marching burgundy suede pumps and new skirt which was identified by Lurdes, my dear friend, as Alexander McQeen. Thanks for the help!! Without her I wouldn't have guessed McQueen was the designer because almost every designer have once created a skirt similar to this one Mary is wearing; and really where to start? - at your friends of course. Back to the pumps she was wearing and it was a little complicated to find these, but once again my dearest friend Kate turned out to be the right person to ask. Because, to me, they looked burgundy and then black which got me confused. Kate had the answer: a bicolor suede pump from Prada and not Gianvito Rossi as I first thought. I have to admit that I'm do not fancy her new pumps that much but really Mary makes everything look stunning! Isn't that right? To match the blue blouse, she wore her expensive blue clutch from the Danish brand Quidam and a pair of earrings in the same lovely burgundy colour as her new skirt. Kate suggested that Jewlcph could be the designer and I think she's right in her assumption. And she was. Mai Manniche posted this on her Instagram. She matched her outfit with burgundy nail polish and Cartier watch featuring a black leather watchband. Finally, I need to hear what you think of this outfit? -have you fallen in love with it or do you think it's a little too... special? 

Clutch: Quidam Grey Calfskin Clutch
Earrings: Jewlscph Elegant Drops w. Rubies DKK 1.899
Watch: Cartier
Skirt: Alexander McQueen Fluted Crepe Midi Skirt Burgundy 


  1. Hi Henriette:

    I am "loving" this outfit. I love the full midi-skirt with that detail at the hem. After having read your blog about the crown princess for a few years, I have come to know that for the crown princess' fashion, its the details that carry the day. The detail on the hemline of the skirt, the richness of the maroon color; however, we also know that there more details to discover. I love her blue blouse, but it was not just a blue blouse, it has a yoke at the top (correct me if I am wrong about the description) and pleats, three-quarter length sleeve I notice the material had a iridescence to it. With all those details including the bi-color shoes and tights to give the look the perfect finish, minimum jewelry was needed! I am left to wonder if she worn a coat and if so, the color and the cut?

    Great post Henriette and, thanks for the update.


    1. It is indeed all about the details. Mary has a good eye for details and it would be a shame not to notice them because to me this are what makes the outfit look complete. Wearing this new skirt of different lengths I think she looks very polished, in a way we would all like to look. The balance between colour and different material is beautiful. With this outfit Mary convinced me that she is still the woman that inspire me the most! :)

      I also wondered which coat she may have worn but I haven't been able to find any pictures of her where we actually she her with a coat. Maybe we will...