Day 2: New Year Reception at Amalienborg & Christiansborg

Tuesday, January 5th

9:50 am. Queen Margrethe hosted the second New Year's reception for Supreme Court judges, the Royal Life Guards and regiments Officer Corps at Christian VII's Palace, Amalienborg in Copenhagen. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary did also attend the reception.

11:30 am. Traditionally, Queen Margrethe hosts the second and third New Year's reception the same day for the diplomatic corps at Christiansborg Palace. At the reception Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary also attended. 1 1

Time for a more detailed post. Many of you might not even got to read the first I wrote this morning but I realized that so many lovely pictures, from today, have already been published and my readers need to get the best experience reading my blog. Therefor I now ready to fully update on everything from todays two new year receptions. Traditionally, Queen Margrethe hosts the second and third New Year's reception the same day -one at Amalienborg Castle at 9:50 am. and one at Christiansborg Palace at 11:30 am. For the first time in many years Margrethe will addend the reception without her husband because as you know he has announced that he will retire. However, we will still see him for certain events. So this year the Queen was accompanied by her son and daughter-in-law to greet the Supreme Court judges, the Royal Life Guards, regiments Officer Corps and the diplomatic corps, not to forget. If you missed my little piece of history about the new year receptions you find it here where you of course also get to see Mary from the first reception at January 1st. Before 11:30 am. all invited guests arrived to Christiansborg Palace, followed by Frederik and Mary and as the last one Queen Margrethe. Margrethe, Frederik and Mary were about to meet the 58 ambassadors and 20 Chargé d'Affaires from twenty different countries, like Finland, Burkina Faso and Turkey. Wonderful about this reception is how all the guests are dressed because every year it's very colourful and printed clothes we see. The reason is because many of the guests wear their traditional old national costumes, everything big hats, saris, layered skirts etc. especially the attending women look great.  For sure they know how to dress true to their culture and traditions. That's lovely to see all this. In Denmark we also have several different national costumes here you see Queen Margrethe in one of them. What would you say if it became a tradition for the royals to wear national costumes as well? As always the royal family members greeted the guests before the reception began in the Great Hall with the beautiful floors. The Queen was sitting in a chair, because of some problems with the back, next to her son and daughter-in-law both standing stood throughout the séance of welcoming all 78 invited guests who were ready to shake hands with the royals. Afterwards they enjoyed a glass of champagne and kransekage -something the Danes eat at new years eve which is a kind of cake made of almonds, sugar and egg white. Meanwhile her Majesty and her guests enjoyed a good time together inside the walls of Christiansborg it was windy and cold outside with a little snow, something we have waited for all December. 

How can I possible describe Mary's outfit from today's reception? -maybe only with one word; graceful! More elegant as every. I think I have mentioned to you, more than once I believe, how I adored Mary's style back in 2007 and 2008. By no doubt this is the period of her life I love her style the most. It was elegant, delicate and feminine. Three words that perfectly describe her angel look this morning! Still, I like the fact that her style has become a bit more mature and modern. Because she is a royal she does not follow trends the same we do, in my eyes she dictates them. More beautiful than ever, Mary was almost floating across the hall when she arrived with Frederik earlier this morning wearing what I believe is her snow white Birgit Hallstein gown, which she wore at the dinner to honor the King and Queen of the Netherlands in March 2015 (picture below) and again at last years new year reception on January 1st, just without the piece of fabric covering her left hip. The gown features 3/4 sleeves and a small train. She accessorized her look with a pink suede belt (thanks to Lurdes I know see that it's not beige, white gloves and red nail polish. Stunning! I was contacted by one of the co-founders of Naledi Copenhagen, what and honor (!), she kindly informed me that Mary wore one of their new clutches in a beautiful latte beige which features a larger flap and sharp corners. As many of her other Naledi clucthes, this is made of 100 % genuine sustainable South African farmed ostrich leather.

When she arrived she wore, over her shoulder, a grey wool coat as we have never seen it before, which I by the way believe is from JOSEPH. Around the neck a white pearl necklace featuring a rather large pink stone, which we saw in 2014 when she attended a dinner in honor of the Turkish President visiting Denmark. This large drop pendant was sold on Bruun Rasmussen's Bredgade auction which is where all their exclusive items are sold. The pink and white diamond earrings are from Hartmann's. With some help from Kate I was able to kindly ask Hartmann's if this could be their design and luckily they said yes. Wearing black, grey and white is the epitome of Scandinavian fashion but because we have Mary this never gets boring. She matched her outfit with dazzling pink Gianvito Rossi pumps that of course also matched the best, necklace and lipstick. When I dress, it's important to me that at least two of the items I wear have the same colour. I think it makes a good balance and especially in the case when I'm wearing bright colours or prints. With a beautiful and simple updo and the Order of the Elephant Mary keeps me breathless! Elegant, delicate and feminine. Remember, we still have one more reception left tomorrow on January 6th when Queen Margrethe will arrive in the golden coach.

Gown: Birgit Hallstein
Coat: JOSEPH Double Cashmere Oslo Coat €657 (on sale)
Pendant on Necklace: Pink Diamond Pendant
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Allana Latte Beige Ostric Clutch DKK 5,969
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Rose Pink Pointed Toe Pumps $238


  1. CP Mary's choice of winter white really showed off her tan. I also love that she has a darker rinse in her hair to even out the color from being in the sun--good detail to keep in mind.

    I guess there will be many opportunities to assist the Queen going forward because of the retirement of the Prince Consort--nothing like learning from the master!

    Happy New Year.


    1. And happy new year to you as well! :)

      You are right about the hair colour and tan, they complement each other really well. I also quite like her haircut, it's a great length.

      We have already seen how well they work together so I'm sure we will get to see the three of them much more in the future, something I look forward to with excitement! ;)

    2. With the prospect of C.P. Mary assisting the Queen M. more, perhaps we will see a up tick in her wearing more hats, gloves and coat dresses too. I am really looking forward to that, should it turn out to be so.



    3. That is very likely we will see Mary in the future will wear a bit more formal clothes, hats, gloves, suits etc. as you just mentioned but I'm sure we will see just as stunning outfits as we have within the past few months ;) No matter what she wear it's beautiful.

  2. The golden belt and the silk layer was the best thing about this gown. I hope the removal was only temporary. I don't mind the white + pink colour combo, but this particular belt seemed a bit too casual.
    Still, an overall good outfit :)

    1. The silk layer was indeed a beautiful detail and I think we will see it again. It might just be removable so she can chose whether or not she will wear the gown with or without the silk layer. A reason why I believe she wore it without on the 5th is because the first new year reception is more prestigious than the others, this or she just want to wear it without ;)

  3. See date on top ... it is only January :-)